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  1. Allamuchy Joe

    Don't think 877-WARN-DEP works for reporting off-road vehicles?

    I think so -- a large group that used to make regular ride events, but it was much more than just the fire tower area. Blue, Tressle and even the maze loops were getting trashed that year by that group. It was winter and spring of 2019 I believe. There was another smaller group with a quad and...
  2. Allamuchy Joe

    Don't think 877-WARN-DEP works for reporting off-road vehicles?

    Yeah, so they didn't want to do the paperwork. LOL
  3. Allamuchy Joe

    Don't think 877-WARN-DEP works for reporting off-road vehicles?

    Unless they are unloading or loading on state park land, we were told by the cops last year they can't do anything because once they leave SP land they do not have jurisdiction. The question came up because a group of quads were tooling around Stephens -- they they saw the cops, they immediately...
  4. Allamuchy Joe

    Don't think 877-WARN-DEP works for reporting off-road vehicles?

    Last year there was a group of 10-12 moto riders that came blasting up Cardiac/Ditch. They met and started from the Pub 517 parking lot. It seemed like a regular meet up because I saw them there a couple of weeks later in the parking lot while driving by. What gets me are the couches on wheels...
  5. Allamuchy Joe

    Looking to buy large fatbike frame

    I'm sorry, no it is not available. The OP took me up on the offer.
  6. Allamuchy Joe

    Looking to buy large fatbike frame

    I have one for you, if interested. It is a Motobecane Boris frame. I have the frame, a Rockshox Bluto Fork, SRAM X5 crankset and an ETen Dropper Post for it. $150 takes it all.
  7. Allamuchy Joe

    Kingdom Trails trail closures

    Without those trails, IMO it is not worth the 6 hour drive up there. Dawn just pointed out to me that Roanoke is almost the same distance from us and that place has tons of trails available. I guess all good things must come to an end. :-(
  8. Allamuchy Joe

    Kingdom Trails trail closures

    This is a real downer -- I loved going up to KT. If those trails close, that is the end of the trail system. Double edged sword for these landowners. I can understand if they are annoyed at mountain bikers -- there are a lot of rude people on those trails and many of them take the use of that...
  9. Allamuchy Joe

    Shout out to 45NRTH and Marty's Reliable Cycle!

    Last year at Dirtfest, I bought a pair of 45NRTH Fasterkat winter cycling boots from Rothrock Outfitter in PA. I started using the boots around the December timeframe for mountain biking and a couple of weeks ago the zipper failed on me. I contacted 45NRTH and they instructed me to bring them...
  10. Allamuchy Joe

    help out a bike hoarder

    Man, I thought I had a problem -- now I can direct me wife to this thread as a defense LOL. Trance 27.5 Cannondale Bad Habit 2 Motobecane Boris Fat Bike Giant OCR Road Bike 1/2 of a CoMotion Tandem Road Bike (my wife owns the other half)
  11. Allamuchy Joe

    White trail closure

    The state bought the land back in April 2014 -- 2 years ago! I have not heard 1 thing about that yet. It was supposed to add 222 acres to Kittatinny (18% increase in land). Here is a link to the article announcing the sale of the land to the state.
  12. Allamuchy Joe

    White trail closure

    Yep, another reason to quite riding that overused park. On another note, is there any plan to open the newly acquired areas across 206 to the public? Any trail planning going on with public input?
  13. Allamuchy Joe

    Mulefut Rear Wheel, 190/197mm $225

    Hey guys, I have a surplus to me Mulefut Rear wheel for a fatbike. I am looking to sell it. I was planning on getting a new fatbike frame with the 197 spacing and got this wheel in anticipation of that. However, my plans have changed and it is now surplus. I am asking $225 for it. Here are the...
  14. Allamuchy Joe

    Trail curtesy.

    We were in Six Mile a few weeks ago with our Tandem bike friends. Some guy on an SS got super pissed because he had to stop (we were climbing, he was descending). Whah! If you don't want to stop for traffic, don't ride at Six Mile on a weekend! Maybe he was a strav-a-hole. I prefer riding in...
  15. Allamuchy Joe

    Tire sizes

  16. Allamuchy Joe

    So, who made the switch?

    Oh it is a pretty bike. I test rode this bike at Dirtfest and I did like it a lot. But the pricetag seemed a bit steep to me for what you get.
  17. Allamuchy Joe

    So, who made the switch?

    I have a fattie and it is my rotation for my summer riding. However, I still love my full squish Trance 27.5 as my main bike. Funny thing is that it took me about 2 rides to be able to switch back effectively to the "skinny" Trance after riding the fat all winter. I was ham-fisting the...
  18. Allamuchy Joe

    2/21-22 Weekend in Pics

    Got out at Kittatinny with my buddy on Saturday. Only 15 degrees and I layered up, but what a great snow ride! What a great investment this fat bike is!
  19. Allamuchy Joe

    Santa Cruz LARGE Blur LT2, 2012

    Yes, the Blur is sold. Thanks. Joe
  20. Allamuchy Joe

    Fat Bikes and Trail Destruction?

    Really? Actually, a fat bike should, in theory, produce less damage. The weight of the rider and bike is spread out over a much larger area, thereby reducing the pressure acting upon the ground. That is the reason a fatbike can ride in snow. The snow is actually a good model of "trail...
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