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    Garmin 500 tip

    Lately every ride I did with the Garmin I missed the first mile or 2 because the thing wouldn't start recording distance right away. Recorded time just fine though. I suspected it was starting to get full and having trouble writing to new files. Sure enough, backing up all the files in...
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    Free sofa bed

    If you can get it out my door it's yours. It's an Ikea sofa bed, I'd say 10 years old. Normal wear and tear, getting rid of it because I got a new one and it's too much space. I feel claustrophobic in a plane hangar, so this has to go... PM if interested before I cut it into pieces and it...
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    Wanted: Software Engineer

    Send resumes to Must: - C/C++ extensive professional experience - Network/OS programming experience, unix - Put up with me Plus: - shell script/make/ant proficiency - Java, scripting languages (Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.) - Windows network/OS programming experience
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    Race Report: NJ State RR

    Saturday June 19th. I wake up at 4am, sand in my eyes. Then I eat a bagel. This doesn't taste the same. The race start is 7:50, so I pack some potato bread with nutella to eat on the way. Then I head over to a teammates house. For once I'm not driving. And it's just as well, it's somewhat of a...
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    Race report: Bear Mountain Spring Classic

    Change of style, change of pace. This is road racing at its best, a Classic. The setting is in the middle of Harriman State Park, NY. Gorgeous, especially at this time of year. I entered the P/1/2 race with the goal of not getting dropped too early, being the first time I raced Bear in this...
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    Race report: on the rocks at French Creek

    With a name like that, I couldn't miss racing there. In fact, it's one of the best places to ride on the east coast. I had a blast just warming up on some of the trails adjoining the race course. Really. For this race, I decided I would try full suspension again. Earlier this year (or late...
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    My new ride

    Just pulled the trigger on this. Believe it or not, I had to talk my wife into not getting the STI. Base model, no bells or whistles I don't care for any of those I just needed (well, wanted, that thing won't die) to replace my 15 yo Grand Cherokee. It's coming with the roof bars...
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    Bike shops are special places. I love bikes. Every time I walk into a bike shop I could stare at bikes and squeeze brake levers for hours (let's be grown-ups now). Unfortunately, most times I walk into a bike shop I'm either talked down to, or at best completely ignored. Once I needed a...
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    Lebanon 52

    Hi all, some time ago I bookmarked this ride. July 4th I decided to do that before the parade in Lebanon. The parade goes right by my house so I didn't want to get caught up in it... I figured back by 10:30am would be good since it usually starts around 11:00am. At 10:10 I was back and to...
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    Jdog and Chris gave me a tour of the park, and wow, all I have to say is they did a terrific job. This is well worth the trip and I'll definitely come back. J and Chris gave me a run for my money, with also a host of surprises peppering the park. Forget about the trail map, it's no longer...
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    Morning commute

    I usually leave home by 7 so I can be at work around 8. That means mornings like this water runoffs become ice. I've become pretty good at spotting black ice but sure enough this morning coming down Bissel rd. it all went slow motion from the time my front wheel washed out to when I stopped...
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    Just riding along...

    Rode Chimney Rock this morning. Boy are the trails fast when they're frozen solid. Got to ride trails that I haven't ridden recently. My bikes are only shiny when they come out of the box, so at the end of the ride something bright above the front dérailleur clamp caught my eye. Sure enough...
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    Chimney Rock lunch rides

    Hi, I'll be riding CR at noon this week. Most likely Wednesday and Friday. I'll keep posting in this thread the day before whenever I'm there. I'll be starting from the Crim school soccer fields lot at around 12:00. Anyone welcome to join. Cheers, Maurice
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    Chimney Rock noon tomorrow 10/11

    Posting this just in case anyone's interested. I'll start from the parking lot on Crim road around noon tomorrow for a 1 1/2 hour ride. Maurice
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