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    2021 Park Rat Thread

    No rush, over 100 racers... we didn't take our first and only run down until 6:50. We just lapped Dominion and everything else until the race line got down to the end. Funny part is Thursday Night Race League now has almost the same payout as the Eastern States Cup for only a fractional of the...
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    Is the Surge Finally Over?

    Enough people broke bike parts out riding, can’t get spares, so it is finally a positive thing.
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    2021 Park Rat Thread

    @Soundguy Okay, maybe tonight? I'll be on the wannabe Marin e-bike looking thing. Rushing in at 6:15 to snag a race lap. I've rode downhill at Creek 15 years, built the trails for 6 years and did some Marketing work for the bike park as well... :) Stopped racing the Pro Enduro class stuff in...
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    2021 Park Rat Thread

    No braking before a jump. I'll be there racing on my single crown, wannabe e-bike. :) If anyone wants help learning trails, conquering DH skills or finding the secret goods, feel free to PM me. Don't think you'll find many who know that mountain more... ;)
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    FS: SIC Okeanos 12'6 Inflatable SUP Board

    Selling a SIC Air Glide Oceans 12'6" Stand Up Paddle Board Retail $930 ASKING $825... if you sweet talk me, even cheaper for a MTBNJ member. Fits in bag size of a suitcase. Used once, no damage to board, holds air. Weight: 29lbs. Rider Weight: 250lbs Comes with board, travel bag, pump...
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    Free oak hutch thingy

    Still available? @jmanic
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    Set of Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5 2.5 3c Max Terra EXO TR

    AH, only XC casing... usually run DH for more strength. $50 offer.
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    Wanted: 1up rack

    may be selling a 2" HEAVY DUTY 1 up rack system in the next few weeks. Its been used twice, almost brand spanking new.
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    1 Up add on

    may sell one add on in 2 weeks or so.
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    Crank Brothers Stamp 1 Flat Pedals- Brand New

    Brand new Crank Bro Stamp 1 Pedal Small Size - ideal for 5-10US shoe size Super lightweight Yellow Paid $50, Asking $40 Located in Sussex County, NJ.
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    $30 and below MTB clothes / parts...

    items in original ad still available.
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    2021 creek season passes

    The gondola takes more than 3 minutes to the top. On normal speed its about 6.5min. to the top. Triple chair that may be opening for the bike park dumps you off right at the entrance to Breakout/ Upper Dominion. Double the time, if not more, to the top.
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    So, is MTBNJ hosting an event this year?

    I just want to do a night race.
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    2021 Park Rat Thread

    First time ripping Creek on a single crown vs. DH bike... Felt weird but Dominion and Salvation laps were running prime, even in the wind gusts.
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    FS: DropRacks Roof Rack - Load bikes / gear at waist height!

    STILL AVAILABLE. Asking $1,000 for the Sport Model. (fit. 4 door, wagons, mid size SUV)
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    $30 and below MTB clothes / parts...

    List updated. No error message, photos just stayed grey.
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    $30 and below MTB clothes / parts...

    Attach, not paste, on a Mac. .JPEG files.
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