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  1. Not So Fast

    Motivational Vid

    Several years ago someone posted a link to an excellent motivational video. After viewing it I was so pumped up I felt like I could do anything. I dont remember the the link. Does anyone remember the it. If you can find it would you please post it here. Or any other motivational vids. Thanks
  2. Not So Fast

    Dead Dark Horse

    I heard about this in my shop and didn't believe it. I hadn't seen any posted about this in my search so here it is. I hate to see it go. This was my only race and I loved it. I did it three times and have really great memories....Mod if this has already been discussed wipe out my thread...
  3. Not So Fast

    Pumpkin Patch Ride

    I'm signed up for the PPR. My first century ride! Any guesses on elevation gain?
  4. Not So Fast

    Vulnerable on the Open Road This vid is probably not for you, but it made me wonder. Mod; If this has been posted already please remove. Thanks
  5. Not So Fast

    July 4 Bergen Tour

    This ride is coordinated by BTCNJ. This is a really kool event. Folks line the parade routes and cheer as we ride through their parades. I did this last year for the first time what a blast. TIP: If you decide to do this ride carefully as there many unskilled riders. Wednesday, July 4...
  6. Not So Fast

    Windham World Cup

    I went to the Windham World Cup on Sunday and was surprised not to see any Blue and Orange jerseys. I saw Marty's, Sids and NYCMTB reps. It was a pretty kool event. I saw the xc race (friend raced), then watched the kiddies (friend) race. Took the ski lift to the top, we walked down the...
  7. Not So Fast

    Unimpressed by Mac

    So I bought a new Mac comp this week, my first. So far I am not impressed. I'm hoping that you Mac users can show me what's to love about this machine. After 20 + years on PC's I feel like I have to relearn how to maneuver around. i.e.. I opened my mailbox, expanded it and there was no icon...
  8. Not So Fast

    Recall on Easton Seat post

    This may be old news but if can keep a post out of an _ _ _ then I helped prevent someone from having an extra hole.
  9. Not So Fast

    Recall On 2011 GiantAnthem

    Not sure if this was posted already. So sorry it was.
  10. Not So Fast

    Topo Vs CitiNav

    I'm very new to Garmin. I recently purchased the Edge 800. I ride mountian and road. So I'm wondering what the difference is between to topo and street maps. I know the obvious there are no street signs in the woods. What else are the differences or benefits of having a topo?
  11. Not So Fast

    Garmin Edge 800 Help

    I just bought the Edge 800. It's my first Garmin purchase. I'm wondering where the best tutorial web pages are. I've already read ,which is a very good intro (Thanks Soundz). I'm looking for the best tips and info so...
  12. Not So Fast


    Lost a Planet Bike 9.0 computer @ Srewart on 10-24. If found plz pm me. That was the second time I've lost that model. It might be time to go for the Edge 800. Anyone have a release date on the Edge.
  13. Not So Fast

    Leadville Anyone?
  14. Not So Fast

    IMBA Action Alert on NY Trails

    Action Alert for New York State Residents Action Alert! Comment on NY State Forests Management Plan Public Listening Sessions The long-awaited draft strategic plan for managing NY state forests has been released. While there is much to like about the proposed plan, New York mountain bikers...
  15. Not So Fast

    Officiating Stuff

    I retired from Basketball Officiating about 5 years ago and have some XL, striped shirts w/ patches, to give away. Also have 3 jackets one the can be used for lacrosse, and football. If anyone is interested pm me. (Bergen County). Thanks
  16. Not So Fast

    Patch Glue

    The glue in my patch kit has dried out. It seems like I have a few kits with dried out glue. Is there a glue that I can use that does the job as a substitute?
  17. Not So Fast

    Hand Pump

    I'm looking for a new hand to stick in my CamelBak. Recommendations please...
  18. Not So Fast

    For those of us that wear eyeglasses Pt II

    The time has come for me to use prescription eyeglasses for bike riding. I used to use contacts but it is time to move on. I have a bad script in the neighborhood of -6.50/-7.50. I’m trying to balance several needs here. 1. I need to be able to see, obviously. 2. The glasses need to be...
  19. Not So Fast

    Tight Rear Wheel

    I just install a new (fresh out of the box) Mavic ST rear wheel. It doesn't spin as freely as I think it should. My older wheel would freely for a while before stopping. This new wheel spins for a few revolutions then stops. My brakes are not rubbing. Is it possible the cones are to...
  20. Not So Fast

    TRASH Talk

    From the "Trash Talk" section of the League of American Bicyclists website: As reported in the Courthouse News Service article “Republicans Ridicule Bike Lanes,” Republican Congressmen derided Republican Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood for his call for a “sea change” in the Department...
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