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    3:45 am. “I don’t even want to do this,” Was my first thought of Saturday morning. Headed up to Ho Ho Kus at 5am to meet my brother in law and sister in law to drive to Albany, where all seven Hello Kitty team members would take one of four buses to Buffalo. My brother in law, who is one of...
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    The Groovy Heart of MTB

    The 9/1/19 weekend Wall Street Journal had a great half page plus article by Jason Gay, a closet cyclist, titled "The Groovy Heart of MTB." It is about Kate Courtney, an XC World Champion, who grew up in NICA near the base of Mt. Tam. The article is behind a paywall, but worth seeking out...
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    Lucky's Revenge, Saturday ALLAMUCHY
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    SOLD Fussball Table $100

    Not a lawnmower. Not electric. Very good condition in a friend's home bar in Bethlehem PA. Pick up. PAF
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    @The_Mountainside_Menace U need to be in this thread. Also need a signature. Let's go with "Director of Social Media" for the time being. Or, I can lend you HTFU, which is related to ur teammate. And a better avatar. Take a look at @DFrost that's an avatar. Just give me ur password. U want...
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    RIP NJ cyclist

    It surprises me when a cyclist dying on New Jersey roads isn’t even mentioned on this forum. Three people who I know discussed this accident possible crime that occurred on October 12 at 3:06pm, with me...
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    Thanksgiving Dinner
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    Our tax dollars at work...

    @J-Dro wanted this picture @Norm
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    Nominations for "Thread of the Year-2015"

    Then, when we get enough nominations and seconds, we can set up a poll :banana:and vote in the best American tradition for Thread of the Year-2015. I have a nominee, that I think cannot be beat, but YMMV: "Who's That Girl" circa July 2015 :popcorn:
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    Lost MTB shoes 3/1/15

    :cry::cry::cry:Lost and Found -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found a pair of mtb shoes in the Ball Field parking lot today at about 12:30pm. They may have been from a guy named Cesar (?), who I talked to about 10:11am before we took off...
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    27.5 Carbon Anthem Advanced 1

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Size: LARGE Price: $2,288 This is a great off road carbon machine and the most comfortable bike I had ever ridden. Bought May 2014. Ridden less than 288 miles, because I have a few (OK, a whole garage full) of other bikes. High end Stan’s Flow EX WIDE rims with...
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    So, Talmonster says “it’s too cold Sunday-let’s go mountain biking.” Now, my mountain bike is 30 years old and weighs 40 pounds with its Pletscher carrier and panniers. So, while it does have the virtue of not being stolen out of the train station rack when some weasel jacked 36 bikes over...
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