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  1. Carson

    Chimney Rock 2021 Fun Monday.

    Bad. I usually curse Glenn while climbing it. Join in!
  2. Carson

    Bring a Trailer - OMFG or On Topic

    Good BBQ place in Mount Pleasant. Let's go get it.
  3. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    Stop over and I'll give you some washer fluid.
  4. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    They were at Princeton VW for a big meet today. I popped in. Serious turnout from NY peeps. Lots of bags and vapes were had.
  5. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    I wonder if he bothered his friends for 2 years before finally buying that.
  6. Carson

    Raritan 911: Robocop

    No riding today. I put 90 miles on the GT3 then did this. Special thanks to @capedoc for this.
  7. Carson

    Raritan 911: Robocop

    Maybe we should merge our threads into one retirement blog.
  8. Carson

    Nassau Trail conditions

    Enjoy. I hit it today. Trails are perfect. Hard to make a good loop without a guide but also hard to get lost.
  9. Carson

    Sports memorabilia

    I was at the Yankees game Friday night. A beer was more than $11.50.
  10. Carson

    Chimney Rock 2021 Fun Monday.

    For anyone underemployed, I'll be at Nassau at 12pm tomorrow. Maybe I can do Friday at CR, too.
  11. Carson

    Post your Cat =^..^=

    My sister's 21-year old cat Ozzie. He's diabetic, doesn't move very well, and has some serious dandruff, but he still knows when I have Paella.
  12. Carson

    Chimney Rock 2021 Fun Monday.

    I'm out this week. Too wet for me and I need to make an airport run for Dee at 7pm.
  13. Carson

    What are you cooking right now?

    BIL made his family's recipe Paella for Mothers Day. He's from Mallorca.
  14. Carson

    A Wookies return.....

    Happy Birthday!
  15. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    Step #1 is explaining I live 12 miles from PA border who has a legislated cap on dealer fees. Either match them or I go to the Commonwealth. The current doc fee is capped at $394 in 2021 in PA. I had a huge dust up when buying my Mom's Mazda. The etching was already done. I explained that...
  16. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    Looks like .1 Turbo to me. Wow, that's horrible. Way to ruin a sexy car.
  17. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    Dee is out of town, so I dropped her Jetta off this morning for the free/included oil change and tire rotation. My loaner is a 21 Passat with 97 miles. THIS is why people hate dealerships and buying cars. Crooks! Road hazard warranty for tires with ELEPHANTS on them? WTF? I almost wish I...
  18. Carson

    Group Ride Saturday 5/15

    You know times are changing when Iggy is using Google Maps. Pre-pandemic, he would have posted a pic of his Mapquest directions for everyone.
  19. Carson

    Car-spotting thread

    Stick to your bullshit 30 year old Nissans.
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