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  1. Nimrod

    Playing Doctor... Healing and MTB'ing

    Short version (About) 6-8 weeks ago I dumped big time (while commuting) on my Stupid Road bike. Making a simple turn, gasoline (?) on the road, hit the tarmac instantly, shoulder first. It still hurts, been ignoring it (it’s what us guys do).... finally went to Doctor last week, had the...
  2. Nimrod

    How to end up in “dog house” with the wife and kid.

    This is kind of funny:p Yesterday, bike commuted to/from work > Nice way to get in 50 miles. I use a Camelback like everybody else for putting my “stuff” in (wallet, cell phone, lunch, KEYS). To follow the story along, please remember (besides working 50hrs a week) that I also coach...
  3. Nimrod

    I love you tube
  4. Nimrod

    Escape from Newark

    Sunday is Easter, so Saturday it is.
  5. Nimrod

    Central Park Race Series

    Starts Sunday!!!!:) Dust off the Road Bike Its alot of fun, and worth getting out of bed for (Weather Permitting)
  6. Nimrod

    Sunday Ringwood Conditions

    Sunday, Wife and Kids are going skiing:) I'm unsupervised (Best Guess) how will the conditions be at Ringwood?
  7. Nimrod

    Circut training / riding

    Okay, I joined a gym so I can improve my MTB preformance. Wanna rip some legs off this year:confused: Okay.... don't wanna get spanked as much this year. Question is... its okay to do the Circut training before riding? Like lift weights for an hour, then go ride for 2 hours?
  8. Nimrod

    I think I need a new Bike

    XC.... kind of....... racing focus............ The Specialized Epic looks hot = Full Squish, Brain Shock The Trek 9.8, its a hard tail, but its Carbon:o
  9. Nimrod

    Lets make Norms head bigger

    Old Normy hooked me up big! Norm gave me perfect "Tapering" advice for the Vermont 50. With the limited (not much) training time I had this year, I was set for a major spanking. Then Norm stepped in with 50% reduction, then another 50% reduction advice. He nailed it. I did alot better...
  10. Nimrod

    Red Sox 2.5

    This is great stuff. Think I'll call some familiy and friends up in Bean Town today:D Bound to be a somber group up there, the Red Sox annual collapse is in full bloom:p
  11. Nimrod

    Home Theater

    Stuff. Anybody else interested in this stuff? In July Got me a 1080 Sharpe Aqous TV…. That started the Fever. AV Receiver and 5.1 surround sound. I had spent like $ 300 for the system and have been dicking with it ever since. Moving speakers, Speaker stands, upgrading the cables, moved...
  12. Nimrod

    training / tapering

    September 30th is the Vermont 50. The last 6 weeks I've been glued to my Road Bike, 5 days a week 200-300 miles a week, with allot of hills = desperation training. Two weeks ago did a century and finished with a 21.5 mph average, last Sunday another century, but much slower. So now...
  13. Nimrod

    The Hazards of bike commuting

    Been commuting this week alot Last night wife locked me out of the house.... I just knew this was going to happen... called the house phone, her cell phone (no anwser = normal) during the middle of the day. Called my son (he's 17 and spending his day off helping Grandpa with yard work)...
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