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  1. monteverest

    Kona or Surly Steel Road Bike

    Paddy Wagon, Long Haul Trucker, etc. Size 54 - 57cm. Can only afford about $400 (will consider a swap for my 2006 Cannondale Prophet with lefty fork, needs about $100 - $150 dollars in parts for optimum riding).
  2. monteverest

    Max HR?

    Anyone help with a calculation for max HR? I bought a HR monitor to help lose the 20lbs gained since 2006 and according to two quick tests (step up and stand up), my max HR is around 197. I took the monitor out for a ride today (haven't had too many of these in awhile) and my HR peaked at...
  3. monteverest

    Freelance ASP.NET Developer - Project not firm yet but

    if it goes green, we'll need an ASP.NET developer, preferably who codes in C#, who can integrate web apps with Microsoft SQL Server. I can't say much about it for the moment other than the project will likely start in mid November and it is a short-term commitment for one project - provided...
  4. monteverest

    Lost sunglasses -

    somewhere between Bhudda, Splitrock and Thirsty Dog. Please let me know if you happen to stumble across them....
  5. monteverest

    Apple bike computer patent

    Yo ho. It's about time Apple entered this market: According to gizmodo, Apple has applied for a bike computer patent that will include gps, among quite a few other features. Can...
  6. monteverest

    Merchandise knock offs

    Interesting article in the NYTs about knock-offs making their way down to lower rung goods. Bike goods are not discussed but I never buy bike stuff on ebay for the fear they are knock-offs, and that ebay seatpost might suddenly turn into an avenging impaler on my favorite trails at RW...
  7. monteverest

    Selle Italia SLR XC Saddle in stock?

    Anyone come across a shop with one of these saddles in stock?
  8. monteverest

    Hither Hills - worth riding?

    Got a last minute invitation to go today. Is it worth riding? Seems a bit bland except for the scenery from what I saw but maybe ....
  9. monteverest

    Moisture wicking jersey and shorts on a hot, humid day

    Does anything work? I have several jerseys but all leave me sweaty and clamy as a water buffalo. :cry: I'm thinking of riding shirtless and in just a pair of spandex cuz it's so humid.
  10. monteverest

    Ramapo Mtn - 7/5 - 8am

    I'm riding Ramapo for the first time tomorrow morning with my GPS and MannyL538's track coordinates. Slow to moderate pace if anyone wants to join. Parking at Skyline upper lot.
  11. monteverest

    SpareHand Bike Frame Adaptor

    Does anyone know if the SpareHand Bike Frame Adaptor will work well with full suspension bikes? It seems to get the best online reviews for cruiser and ladies bikes. Thanks.
  12. monteverest


    Maybe its just my imagination but does anyone who's ridden the rock garden (with fallen tree logs guarding the north side) on Sitting Bear thinks its nothing like it was even last year? It seems lots of rocks from the south side entrance of the rock garden has been remove. I rode it today and...
  13. monteverest

    narrow, firm saddles

    Took my first ride yesterday with a firm saddle and it was excruciating. Is this ability to ride firm saddles innate like gender or can I train my derriere to find solace in firmness?
  14. monteverest

    New Bontrager Handlebar and Saddle

    Picture to follow. Both items are new - taken from my newly purchased bike. Bontrager Race Lite Handlebars $35 31.8 clamp 40mm rise, 690mm width, 7d backsweep, 4d upsweep Bontrager Rhythm Elite Saddle Hollow CroMoly $25
  15. monteverest

    Fox Talas Valve Cap

    I'm not mechanically inclined. But I do have to adjust the sag on a TALAS fork. The manual states the valve cap is on the left tube and I should be able to remove it using both hands. My fingers are feeling a bit brittle after spending nearly 15 minutes trying to remove the cap - anyone lend a...
  16. monteverest

    North Face (the movie, not the apparel line)

    ****SPOILER ALERT***** German movie based on the actual ill-fated 1936 attempt by 4 men to be the first to scale the north face of Eiger. Movie passed through the festival circuit but couldn't find a US distributor so now you can watch it instantly on netflix. If you are into tales of human...
  17. monteverest

    Sram X.9 rear D and Sram 971 chain

    X.9 long cage rear D brand new, in the box 2010 edition $62 Sram 971 9sp. chain brand new, in the box $21 I live/work between Weehawken and Vernon - prefer to hand off to buyer
  18. monteverest

    Ghetto GPS Mount Ideas

    Anyone help with ideas or solutions to a ghetto gps mount? I lost my Garmin on a proper RAM mount 2 years ago so now I'm going ghetto and I'm going big. Some ideas passed my way have been magic model, tubes, duct tape, etc. - Unfortunately you will not find a more mechanically challenged hombre...
  19. monteverest

    Rear Wheel Tilt

    I just noticed my rear wheel is out of line with the bike, skews a bit to the left (away from drive side for us technophobes). Should I just take the wheel to be dished or could it could be caused by going from a 3x9 & long cage RD to a 2x9 & medium cage RD? Is the med cage so short that it's...
  20. monteverest

    700mm+ handlebars, preferably 720mm+ plz.

    I'm looking for new handlebars to my old bike. Width is the most important aspect since I'm trying to gain more lateral control of the front end on techy sections. Please contact me if you want to depart with your 700mm+ or better yet, 720mm+ handlebars. rise: 18 - 40mm sweep: 5+ amount...
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