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  1. Karate Monkey

    Whisky No9 Side Entry Cages - Left/Right (one pair)

    $50 for both. Tried (desperately) to like these, but they drop bottles off road with no provocation. Might be a good piece for your road bike. Look like this: Not crashed, no damage (other than normal bottle scuffs).
  2. Karate Monkey

    Soma Double Cross Cantilever 54cm, $850

    For sale, barely ridden (shop worn, may have scuffs, highlighted in listing). This bike was formerly built with "butterfly" handlebars, and is shown here re-built using drop bars and STI shifters. Build List: Frame/fork: Soma Double Cross Cantilever. 54cm frame Handlebars: Civia 40cm...
  3. Karate Monkey

    Anyone got a 1-1/4" hitch rack they can loan for a month?

    Car got rear ended--car is not damaged, but the bike rack is pretzel shaped. I ordered a replacement/was reimbursed, but that leaves me with a 1-month period where I have to shove a bike inside a compact car. Not an appealing process. Anyway, putting out feelers here. Thanks...
  4. Karate Monkey

    Spring [Bike] Cleaning (parts, tools, electronics)

    Above, cleaning out unused/no-longer-useful stuff: K-edge "Gravity" mounts (top cap replacement). One is Wahoo, one is Garmin. $15 each Garmin remote. Page screens, lap, and one set-able command. $35 Wolf Tooth bolt-on axle for Rockshox. Fits current 110/15 forks. $30 Rockshox...
  5. Karate Monkey

    Bondhus HexPro set (4, 5, 6, 8, 10mm) $30

    Selling these, as I tried/didn't like them for my uses. Please note the lengths of the hex keys, as it was my main complaint of them. Used a few times, comes in original packaging.
  6. Karate Monkey

    $275 KitchenAid Artisan 5qt Stand Mixer, with Stainless Attachments

    I'm buying into a bowl-lift mixer, so I'm selling my tilt-head KitchenAid. This is the top-level tilt-head that they make (325 watts), and I've replaced all the crappy coated mixing heads with the all-stainless versions ($80 additional). There are a couple of small scuffs on the base, but...
  7. Karate Monkey

    I'm a believer (about smart trainers)

    I was ambivalent about them. Lukewarm might be cutting them a lot of slack. Zwift got a whole raised eyebrow from me. Standard stuff: I'd rather ride outdoors, doesn't feel the same, gimmicky, etc... Well, I gave it a few goes to see if I could even deal with it mentally (I can), then I tried...
  8. Karate Monkey

    Holy crap, did Shimano actually...

    ...make winter shoes that don't suck? I couldn't find mine, and in desperation, I bought some MW-501's since they were the only ones in stock that I could get easily. On two successive colder days (32+28, night/windy) I was sweating with thin 'hiking' socks. I have cold feet, and in older...
  9. Karate Monkey

    *SOLD* Shimano XTR M9100 Crank, Single Ring/165mm Long *SOLD*

    Information in the title, pictures tell the story (They're hollow aluminum cranks, so no, I didn't put crank arm protectors on them, since they can proudly wear scars without being demolished). These take Shimano's new proprietary chainrings, which Wolftooth already makes a mounting spider for...
  10. Karate Monkey

    *SOLD* For Sale/Trade Salsa Deadbolt M12x1.75 174mm Long, Bolt On

    Took a chance due to low stock everywhere, and was off by 2mm of it working. Not going to eyeball this again. I have two of these, one in retail packaging, one mounted but definitely not ridden. Look like this: Again, these are 174mm long. That's probably a 142mm rear end, unless you've...
  11. Karate Monkey

    *SOLD* Osprey Savu (bottle pack) Molten Red

    Selling this: Used it once, and as it terns out, I am more vain than I gave myself credit for, much like the majestic peacock. I bought a black one, am selling this red one. $35 handed off.
  12. Karate Monkey

    *sold* Silca T-Handle set - $100

    Putting out feelers here--I've decided I don't particularly like working with these. 6 months of light use, includes H2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, and T25, 30. $100 for the set.
  13. Karate Monkey

    For Sale/Trade for Like: Chris King English Bottom Bracket, Green

    Green Chris King bottom bracket, freshly overhauled using Motorex 2000, for those discerning enough to care. Spins well, with no damage other than tool wear. For sale for $100, or trade for the same in black or gold. Will also entertain trade for a new XTR bottom bracket (SM-BB93). Will ship.
  14. Karate Monkey

    *sold* Ergon GA3 Small, Orange, $20

    See the title...brand new, never used; easier to sell here than return. Pickup in/around Colts Neck or area parks; more than happy to ship at buyer's expense. PM if you have any questions, thanks.
  15. Karate Monkey

    For Sale ($30) Knog Oi Luxe Large (new/unused)

    Long shot, but I've got a Knog Oi Luxe, large size (fits drop bars, with cable grooves). Looking to trade for a Spurcycle, in new/good condition--hopefully that still has the small band. Thanks!
  16. Karate Monkey

    Misc parts (saddle, drivetrain, lights [now with shoes!])

    Partial placeholder post, stuff to be added over the course of the week. WTB Ranger 29x3, fast/light. Good grip, if somewhat fragile tires. This one lived on the front of a bike for roughly 500 miles. It has one (proper, vulcanized) patch from a tread puncture. I've ridden these tires...
  17. Karate Monkey

    Newmen Torque Cap Reducers (AKA, I'm not using torque caps, and don't want to fish for the axle on the front wheel)

    I bought a handful of these for my bicycles, and am selling the balance. If you are unaware, most of Rockshox's "trail" forks have the dropouts milled extra-large for proprietary (well, I'll be fair. DT Swiss makes them, too) end caps to stiffen(?) the fork. I personally am not using that...
  18. Karate Monkey

    Current loop of Sterling?

    Going to head up to the Sterling area in late September--anyone have a current GPX file of a 1-2 hour ride? I've never been, and would like not to get lost/go the 'wrong' way. I'm usually riding Hartshorne 3-4 times a week, for reference. Thanks!
  19. Karate Monkey

    *Sold* Garmin 520+ MTB bundle w/ wheel sensor *Sold*

    Excellent used condition, no scratches/etc. The mounts/remote/wheel sensor are all unused. All this for $175. Please note, the wheel sensor wasn't included with this originally, and is $40 by itself! Pickup in Colts Neck/pay for shipping. Thanks!
  20. Karate Monkey

    Various bits/pieces (XTR/non-series, etc...)

    Got a bunch of stuff for sale: XTR-M970 crank, 175mm, with 30t Oneup oval ring, Yumeya attachment bolt ($$$), extractor tool ($30 tool by itself)/bearing preload tool. For those interested, this crank uses almost exactly the same interface as the new XTR crank, but requires the extra tool to...
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