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  1. GSTim

    Christmas Decorations

    Cleaning out some stuff . It's at the curb so let me know if you want me to put it aside.
  2. GSTim

    Automatic Espresso Machines

    Anyone have any experiences? A contact at work raved about the Phillips 3200 and for $800 seemed like a good anniversary gift for my wife. Wanted to check here before making the dive. Thanks.
  3. GSTim

    Sub Zero Repair?

    Anyone know of a reasonable Sub Zero repair service? My Sub Zero freezer condenser keeps freezing up. I replaced the cracked door gasket and was hoping that would fix it, but no luck. Takes about 1 week or more for it to freeze up enough to start warming up the freezer. Of course this is an...
  4. GSTim

    XL Full Sus Trail or Enduro, What you got?

    A friend of mine is looking for an XL medium travel bike for her son. Looking to stay under $3K. Willing to look at 29 or 27+. Let me know what you have. @jdog , Got anything that fits this bill in the shop? Thanks!
  5. GSTim

    Small Carbon Flat Bar Road/Gravel Bike

    My wife decided that she wants to ditch the drop bar bike and go with a flat bar. I considered just switching out the bars, but her bike was a Frankenstein anyway because we got it when she started to do tri's and I built a cheap one. After the tri phase I put a steep angled up stem so she could...
  6. GSTim

    1970 Corvette Stingray Convertible - SOLD

    Since @BPaze Ghosted me :p , here it is: Listed for $20K on Craigslist, but if someone on here is interested, come take a look and we can talk. 1970 Corvette Stingray Convertible Numbers Matching L46 350 CI /350 HP All Stock except has electronic points conversion Stock distributor...
  7. GSTim

    Novatec Freehub - Shimano

    Anyone have anything laying around? A friend just blew up a few pawls at Nassau today. The nut that holds the freehub in place loosened up and allowed the hub to move out shearing the ends off of the pawls. Thanks, Tim
  8. GSTim

    Free Hybrid Bike - M?

    No action when I offered up in the Wanted thread so here you go. Tires are good, brakes and shifts fine. It's a bit ugly though.:p But FREEE. Pick up in Flemington or Florham Park.
  9. GSTim

    29er Rear Wheel

    A friend is looking for a std QR rear wheel. Let me know if you have one or a wheelset and what you are asking. Thanks.
  10. GSTim

    Let's Build A Fatbike!

    So last night I was "lucky" and won a fatboy frame from @Leftymuk . I've always wanted one, but I know nothing about them. This is a bare frame so I think I need everything. I'm going to try to do this like I did with @Patrick 's Motobecane, see how cheaply I can build this up with semi decent...
  11. GSTim

    Wheelset 29" Raceface AR27 (Easton ARC27 OEM), Novatec hubs, XD Driver, Boost 15x110 12x148 - $200

    Wheelset 29" Raceface AR27 (Easton ARC27 OEM), Novatec hubs, XD Driver, Boost 15x110 12x148 - $200 Came off my 2017 Santa Cruz Hightower, extremely low miles, Just a few nicks and scratches. 27mm internal width 31.5mm external width Pre-taped with Stans Pickup in Flemington or Florham Park
  12. GSTim

    Maxxis Minion DHF + DHR II 29"x2.3 - $50

    Minion DHF and DHR in great shape. Minimal wear, just not for me. Pickup in Flemington or Florham Park.
  13. GSTim

    Two Walmart Level Bikes - FREE

    A friend dropped these off for parts, but both just needed tune ups. One Hybrid and one BMX. Pickup in Flemington or Florham Park. Did I mention FREE.
  14. GSTim

    What Car Should I Buy?

    So I'm starting to think that my almost 20 year old E46 M3 might not be the best daily driver. It's been in the shop more than in my driveway the last year, and as much as I love driving @Patrick 's old pickup everyday, that's getting a little stale also. Since I've never owned a new car, I need...
  15. GSTim

    Calling all Zwifters, 50" Plasma with "Issues" FREE!

    My Samsung 50" plasma has lost two horizontal rows of pixels near the top. Tried to clean the connectors but that didn't work, so wound up buying a new TV. Anyone need a spare Zwift TV for free? Pickup in Flemington or Florham Park.
  16. GSTim

    Garmin Forerunner 10 and 405 - Free

    Both working as far as know. Pick up in Flemington or Florham Park.
  17. GSTim

    Carbon Motobecane 2018 Le Champion CF Inferno LTD - 58cm - $350

    2018 Motobecane Le Champion CF Inferno LTD $350 As Promised. This is the frame that I bought from @Patrick to build up for a guy that I work with. He wound up buying a new bike, so I'm selling this on here for exactly what I have in it. This includes many good deals that people on here gave me...
  18. GSTim

    An Ode to the Weather

    Rain, rain, go away Come again some other day Ran, rain, SAFD I mean JFC we might as well move to Seattle or London. Thank You. TK
  19. GSTim

    Rock Shox Monarch RT Stuck Down

    So pissed. I went to ride Nassau after work last night, and after about 20 feet I had about 4 pedal strikes. I'm like WTF, look down and notice that the shock is down. Figured it somehow lost pressure, so back to the truck and it still had almost full pressure. A quick search online and it seems...
  20. GSTim

    Anything Rideable Tomorrow 3/27 After Work?

    Chimney Rock, Nassau, Lewis Morris? Anywhere other than Death (Round) Valley?
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