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  1. Karate Monkey

    What have you done to your bike today?

    Serviced the rear hub--cleaned out old grease from the freehub mechanism, clean/reassemble, lube. Axle bearings okay, so I left them for the next round, but shot a bit of grease in the left side, since it looked a bit thin. I wound up replacing the AER bearing that I put in the top of the...
  2. Karate Monkey

    What are you cooking right now?

    Proofing is a period of time where you are encouraging yeast growth--allowing the dough to increase in volume, then releasing some CO2 (growth inhibitor) by folding/punching down, and repeating it 1-2 times--the more yeast, the more the bread springs/fluffier it is. Of course, the problem with...
  3. Karate Monkey

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    The only ones left are the roots that have become 'water bars'.
  4. Karate Monkey

    What are you cooking right now?

    Practicing both free-form loaves, and working with sourdough. First loaf was too manhandled, and did not have much in the way of 'artisan' crumb. Loaf was handled minimally once the proofing/dividing was done (I think it had maybe 4-5 prods during the folding to get it to sit nicely. Need to...
  5. Karate Monkey

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Conditions excellent, other than one corner on Rocky point headed clockwise (you know the one). Who do we talk to to start a petition to rename "Many Log Run"? Maintenance(?) cut/dragged out every tree that was on the trail, even the ones that were worn into bumps.
  6. Karate Monkey

    Completed another site upgrade......Dark Mode Cometh 🦇

    @Patrick is the banner ad change just to see who is paying attention, or did someone pay for it?
  7. Karate Monkey

    Allaire Conditions

    Tomorrow, late, maybe. It rained fairly steadily all day, and is currently raining over the area--again--now. Would probably avoid, personally, in favor of better-draining parks/brisk road ride. Friday would be better (but...might rain again).
  8. Karate Monkey

    Am i missing a washer?

    Let's dish. That Tourney TZ already COSTS ~$1.50ish. How much cheaper can they make it to make it worth producing?
  9. Karate Monkey

    Am i missing a washer?

    Maybe? Try it. You'll need a washer with a 3/8 or 10mm opening that doesn't hit any other part of the derailleur, but still leaves the b-screw on the tang.
  10. Karate Monkey

    Anyone try these pedals yet?

    Those look like the pedals on military bikes from WW1+2.
  11. Karate Monkey

    Trail Maintenance - don't do this
  12. Karate Monkey

    34.9 High mount top pull front derailleur 3x

    Uh. What kind of generation are you talking here? 8? 9? 10? I've got a clamp-on 105 derailleur (9 speed?) if you want it.
  13. Karate Monkey

    Slick/smooth tire recommendation for 29er MTB

    The G-ones are ridiculously fast. They make [made] a 'sand racing' tire that is only moderately heavier than a standard training road tire. It seems they've superseded those old models, but they still make a 29x2.35 with no puncture protection. That's okay, because the sealant will do the job...
  14. Karate Monkey

    Anyone ever hear of a Bianchi Denali (90s MTB)?

    Have fun with working on it, but if your goal is to flip it (it's never going to be "valuable"), get a rigid Tange MTB fork; those forks are terrible by modern standards (as in: would you ride an entry-level RST through your local trails? If not, do not proceed trying to fix it up). The frame...
  15. Karate Monkey

    26 is dead. So who here has a high end non-boost 26 inch wheel collecting dust?

    It's usado on a bike. I was laying in to him because he made a "26 is dead" crack. 👍
  16. Karate Monkey

    Where do i find a top cap for this?

    Wait till this jerk finds out you can put the lever on the right in the back, too.
  17. Karate Monkey

    Trail Maintenance - don't do this

    Looks good, but I'm secretly horrified that they didn't go full bike-cred and use S&S couplers.
  18. Karate Monkey

    Where do i find a top cap for this?

    Your QR was actually closed, nobody cared. But as long as we're being pedants, better make sure the text on the hub is "readable" from the right side of the bike, with the QR on the left. Any other orientations will have the bike police come after you. I suspect my "classic" will be...
  19. Karate Monkey

    Where do i find a top cap for this?

    Junk bin at the co-op. Sometimes a handlebar plug fits, too.
  20. Karate Monkey

    Anyone ever hear of a Bianchi Denali (90s MTB)?

    I would post up some closer shots of the tube junctions, but it looks like a fairly standard frame from then. Probably straight gauge chromoly, or double-butted main tubes. Frame wasn't explicitly built for cantilevers, so it probably has more "normal" MTB geometry, rather than way-out-there...
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