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  1. wonderturtle

    Brooks B17 saddle LOCK IT UP

    Lock it up
  2. wonderturtle

    Zwift - wattage question

    I don’t get why I’m so slow in zwift. i think I have it calibrated right - ie when im in a flat section on Zwift I go a similar speed to what I would do in the real world (20 mph give or take) and my wattage is usually in a range that is similar to what Strava says I do in the real world (in...
  3. wonderturtle

    Brooks saddle?

    Have always loved the look. would Look particularly cool on my Krampus. but they $$ anyone with experience. Are they worth the $$?
  4. wonderturtle

    Help me choose a guitar poll

    I have a 6 string acoustic electric. Im getting the N+1 craving. what should I get?
  5. wonderturtle

    unPAved Pennsylvania- anyone else doing it?

    I’m curious if there will be any other mtbnj peps
  6. wonderturtle

    Part out - cheap or free LOCK IT UP ALL GONE OR SPOKEN FOR

    Updated to reflect what’s left Everything is FREE except garmin just message me when and I’ll give you my address for curb pick up. First come first serve. Reba suspension QR fork (last I rode it it worked) straight head tube garmin edge 25 with charger $20 Ritchey comp setback seatpost...
  7. wonderturtle

    Google maps or waze?

    I had been using google maps for navigation while driving for years but everyone was telling me that waze was much better. So I gave waze a try. Liked it at first. But quickly grew to dislike it. All of the icons and graphics... yuck. And then the pop-up ads (are you kidding me!?). Back to...
  8. wonderturtle

    second life bikes wool cycling sweater

    Was my favorite piece of apparel (well neck-and-neck with my Ibus wool jersey). Got shrunk BIG TIME in wash or dryer? (Duh!!!) went from XL to small? Can’t throw out. Free to a wee little person. Live near hartshorne. Work near 6MR
  9. wonderturtle

    Can I put gravel tires on a mtb rim? Tubeless?

    So the rear wheel on my gravel bike is getting beat up and will need to be replaced soon. I have a number of extra mtb wheels (eg, Stan’s flow Ex). I am pretty sure they will fit the bike, but will the mtb rim work with a tubeless gravel tire (35 or 38)?
  10. wonderturtle

    Totally random refrigerator question

    I just got a mini fridge and there are two Cooper tubes in the back that have foam on them. I can’t find any indication whether i am supposed to take them off (ie, they are there just for protection when in the box) or if I am supposed to keep (maybe provides insulation to the tubes?) Thoughts?
  11. wonderturtle

    Garmin edge 25 GPS price reduced

    Includes unit, nifty cover, charging cord and handlebar mounts. Has the basic stuff - speed, bag speed, distance, time, ft climbed. Also connects to speed sensor, cadence sensor and to heart monitor). Also apparently has basic route following function Here’s the link...
  12. wonderturtle

    40 galloon breeder size aquarium and stand

    With filter (think it still works) Free to a good home ;) putting up here first for mtbers.
  13. wonderturtle

    Transgender cyclist wins women’s championship

    So how do y’all feel about this:
  14. wonderturtle

    Hey musicians...Need advice on a music app

    My neighbor and i want to make songs. We each have ideas for songs. We want an app where we can share the ideas with each other - e.g., i record a chord sequence for a verse or chorus and my buddy practices it or riffs over it. Also looking for an app (same or different where I can record on one...
  15. wonderturtle

    New gravel grinder ride in PA in October: unPAved of the Susquehanna River Valley

    3 options: 30, 90, 120 miles looks likes the majority is on gravel roads through state forest lands. the elevation/ grade profile looks, gulp, interesting. rather than the continual up and down of gravel grinders Ive done, this ride is basically 4 loooong climbs followed by even longer...
  16. wonderturtle

    [a very large proportion of] drivers of large pick up trucks drive like complete a-holes

    I drive 70 miles every day on 287 and the GSP and have made the undeniable (IMHO) observation that a very large percentage of people who drive those extra large pick ups drive like total assholes. They tailgate like crazy! Weave in and out of lanes and just genrally drive like complete...
  17. wonderturtle

    Lets talk about compression

    In my long-term battle against leg cramps I have recently come to the opinion that (for me) compression is the key. I recently bought a pair of cheap calf sleeves from a sporting goods store and am convinced that they do wonders ((for me) in keeping cramps at bay. So, with the success of these...
  18. wonderturtle

    The Tour de Turtle

    Been playing around with this idea in my head for a while... a 100+ mile mixed-surface ride hitting: Many parks (huber, hartshorne, allaire, Thompson, bayonet, holmdel, Tatum, poricy) View of NYC skyline via Atlantic highlands Seven bridges road Ocean ave from long branch all the way down...
  19. wonderturtle

    Tour of the Battenkill

    Thinking of doing this I've done gravel fondo, hell of hunterdon and farmers daughter ( Each was a good challenge for me. This spring I will also be doing gravel grape crusher ( For comparison...
  20. wonderturtle

    Looking for super cheapo way to train indoors and still post on strava

    I used to have a cyclo ops trainer but gave it away to someone on here a few years ago since I found indoor training to be mind numbing . Want to give it another try but only if I can still upload the mileage to strava. Want to go el cheapo route. If I get a new trainer would attaching a...
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