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  1. Delish

    40c Tires: Current State of the Art?

    It's been a hot minute since I bought CX tires and its boom time for 40c+ gravel offerings. What's the new hots? Looking for something that rolls ok on road but works well in a CX-bike-as-a-MTB situation. Something that would rip at 6 mi, but that you wouldn't curse on the ride back home...
  2. Delish

    Reggie Miller, USA Cycling Board Member

    Saw this news yesterday.: Sorry Knicks fans cyclists. Reggie Miller, just appointed to the incoming class of USA Cycling board members. Srsly tho, I think he's a great addition. USA Cycling could learn...
  3. Delish

    FS: Chariot 2 Double Jogger / Bike Trailer

    Chariot (pre-Thule) double jogging stroller / bike trailer. Comes with the bike trailer adapter and jogging stroller adapter. yours for $200. Pickup in Kinnelon.
  4. Delish

    ISO: Fat Bike for 6'2" dude

    A friend is looking for a fatbike mostly for riding groomed snow. Preference is no suspension. He's approx 6'2". Anybody looking to unload in this market? Thanks!
  5. Delish

    Lean me about propane delivery

    Recently moved to a new place that is on propane, which is all new to us. There are leased tanks on the property and the provider just sent us a price protect agreement for 2020-21 at 2.299, no enrollment fee. Before I go and commit to anything I’m curious what most people do? Is tank leasing...
  6. Delish

    Jogging Stroller - BOB Revolution SE

    Our kids got big. I think these things are like $350 new. Yours for $80. Looks like this one: Pickup in Montclair or Fairfield/Totowa area.
  7. Delish

    Free iBert kid seat

    Kids are too big for this now. Come and get it!
  8. Delish

    Hop-or-Not: crowed sourced video coaching

    Since I’m not getting any faster so I might as well try to get a little more rad. Style points > upgrade points. I want to learn legit bunny hop/J-hop skillz so I feel comfortable doing it consistently at race speed. Effort #1 What am I doing wrong? Don’t hold back. Log is about “16...
  9. Delish

    WTB: 27.2 zero setback seatpost

    Looking for Thomson or something carbon or something hipster. No OEM aluminum junk pls. boring post so here’s a picture of a puppy and kitten sleeping peacefully.
  10. Delish

    Stewart Poison Ivy Mousetrap Video Mixtape 2019

    If you saw a flying squirrel chasing you around with a gopro during your race there's a good chance you made the mixtape. Enjoy! Once again thanks to @capedoc for the original music and video editing.
  11. Delish

    Looking for L or XL MTB

    A local friend is looking to buy a first real MTB. He is 6’2” 175ish. Budget around $1k +/- thinking 27.5+ or 29. Something like a Chameleon would be ideal. Anybody looking to offload something in North-ish NJ?
  12. Delish

    Moab Area Rides...but not THOSE rides?

    We're taking a family trip to Moab in April. We will have bikes...and kids. Little ones will also have bikes and the wee one will be on a weehoo. Looking for ride suggestions to do as a family and also some short solo rides. While I'd love to take 8 hours to shuttle Whole Enchilada...
  13. Delish

    WTB Boost Hubs (or mebbe wheelset)

    Need 15x110 F and 12x148 rear hubs. 32h. Whatchoo got?
  14. Delish

    Common Threads Podcast

    A buddy of mine recently started a podcast as a side project that I though might interest some of yoos. His recent interviews include the likes of Ted King, Kate Courtney (post World Championship race), Mark Gainey (co-founder of Strava), and most recently Gary Fisher. He has also interviewed...
  15. Delish

    Your next bike just got a lot more expensive

    I've been following the China trade war pretty closely. With yesterday's announcement, things just got real, real fast. Previously most of the items were industrial inputs but now there are a ton of consumer products on the list. Effective Monday, Sept 24th there will be an additional 10%...
  16. Delish

    WTT Double Chariot for Single

    Ok, it’s not really for sale but we have a double-wide Chariot/Thule stroller and are looking to downsize it for a single-wide. Anybody going the other direction that wants to arrange a trade?
  17. Delish

    Speedplay Zero Anyone?

    Long shot here but anybody have a pair of Speedplay Zero's in good shape sitting around collecting dust? I switched to SPD-SL pedals about a year and a half ago and have been having knee pain since then. I think I need more float but don't want to drop dime on new ones until I'm sure they'll...
  18. Delish

    FREE: Trek Trail-A-Bike Thingy

    I don't have a picture of the actual unit but it basically looks like this: This was @Norm's at one point. Pickup in Montclair or Totowa/Fairfield. Price: Free-ninety-nine. Hit me yup.
  19. Delish

    WTB: Calling all MEDIUMS

    A friend of ours is just getting into MTB and she needs a decent bike. She's about 5'8"-5'9". Looking for something modern-ish. 29, 25.7, 27.5+. FS or HT depending on price but probably more on the XC side than Trail. Budget is flexible but I'm guessing somewhere between $1k-2k.
  20. Delish

    Grasshopper Kidz Korse at Hilltop Bulldozed!?!?

    Although our little ones have been too young to race the Grasshopper kids MTB race at Hilltop, it is such a great event, not only because it's for kids, but because as far as I know, its the only legal mountain bike riding that has occurred in Essex Co since 1995. It's been a few weeks since...
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