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  1. manmachine

    X-Fusion Dropper Post

    Brand new take-off. 34.9, 150mm dropper post. $139.00
  2. manmachine

    X-Fusion Manic Dropper

    Brand new take-off. 34.9, 150mm dropper post.
  3. manmachine

    Rockshox Yari RC Fork

    Brand new take-off Yari Fork. 130mm. 51° Offset. 6.75" Steerer. 110 x 15 axle. $499.00
  4. manmachine

    2019 Trek Fuel EX8 + 27.5

    That is my former 1992 Honda RS125! I love that Grand Prix machine one of my favorites I miss riding it so much ?
  5. manmachine

    2019 Trek Fuel EX8 + 27.5

    Yeah. I'm not finished uploading I was interrupted by a phone call and I'm trying to post photos to it but thanks for the heads up
  6. manmachine

    2019 Trek Fuel EX8 + 27.5

    Up for sale is my impeccably maintained Fuel EX 8 Plus MTB. $2,700 FIRM. No Offers Accepted. The bike is in great condition. Recently installed is a new Öhlins 36 Evo Fork. 150mm travel. ($1000 upgrade) The rear shock has been recently serviced as well, with a 10mm volume spacer installed...
  7. manmachine

    Blauvelt Conditions

    I was thinking of riding there on Sunday around 11 ish... any locals or anyone else going to be up there? Have never been to Blauvelt. Geo
  8. manmachine

    Rutgers Ecological Preserve Conditions

    Okay, thanks for the info Jim. I hit the road today instead. Hope to make it there next week or so.
  9. manmachine

    Rutgers Ecological Preserve Conditions

    Hi folks, Has anyone been to REP lately? I was looking to possibly ride there tomorrow afternoon.
  10. manmachine

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Yup, our bikes were covered in mud. A good amount of the trails were terrible that day David, as you had seen first hand. I absolutely agree, that many riders are a bit overly optimistic and perhaps perceive 'good' much differently than reality suggests. Geo
  11. manmachine

    OOS Believe Me and Follow Me!

    Tim, I have found Steve from Vorsprung is the most in-depth and knowledgeable tuner in suspension setup and explanations.
  12. manmachine

    I tried flat pedals yesterday

    Interesting read: As a somewhat mtb novice, I used to run clps on my old 26"-er. I did it because I ran clips on the road bike. :shrug: 14 of 15 years on the road, I never really gave it much thought...
  13. manmachine

    I tried flat pedals yesterday

    #samhill :thumbsup:
  14. manmachine

    Transgender cyclist wins women’s championship

    100% AGREE. It is SO funny, how if you happen to have a dissenting pov, then it's somehow it is rendered (or attempted to be) invalid or it reaps scorn. :rolleyes:
  15. manmachine

    2018 Full Suspension Trek Fuel EX 5 Plus

  16. manmachine

    Marin Hawk Hill 1

  17. manmachine


    Came across this on BikeRadar Would be very cool to ride in....
  18. manmachine

    R-002 Road Bike

    Thanks, I appreciate it.
  19. manmachine

    R-002 Road Bike

    Considering that it cost me $1,748 total, that kind of drivetrain and extra's would have been unreachable for me! I had a budget of 1700 and went slightly over. :) I figure it would have cost nearly double retail. It took me weeks of watching ebay auctions to snag that 6700 groupset for...
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