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  1. extremedave

    Low profile bottle setup?

    Trying to find something that would fit under the piggyback shock. Fidlock doesn’t work. I was looking at the camelback quick flask and some kind of generic accessory mount unless somebody has a better idea. Plenty of length but height is the issue. Tanks.
  2. extremedave


    Anybody have any lying around they aren't using? Obviously a sellers market right now but what the hey. Thanks!
  3. extremedave

    Things that don't suck thread?

    I sometimes hesitate to write a full review as I may not have sampled all 1,264 brands of TP for a full, in-depth comparison. However now and then I run across something that's pretty good out of the box and maybe worth mentioning. Hence this thread. Carry on if so inclined. Item 1. Skullcandy...
  4. extremedave

    Shimano brake adapter SM-MA-F203P/P (203MM post) or....

    See if anyone has one sitting around. 160mm post to 203mm rotor Shimano brake mount adapter. Wood also be open to 180 Shimano Ice Tech RT86 or RT76 180mm rotor Thanks!
  5. extremedave

    Girls Bontrager Solstice MIPS Helmet

    Barely used, kid wore it a few times then outgrew it. Like new. $20 American.
  6. extremedave

    Rockshox Sektor RL Gold 150mm 27.5 tapered

    Used but not terrible fork. Took off my Heckler. Could probably use a service and all that, or throw it on and abuse it. One nick on the upper pretty high up. Doesn’t affect fork function in any way! Giggle. Perfect for that beater hardtail you wanna try all slacked out, or mullet your old 26er...
  7. extremedave

    eBooks vs paper?

    There’s a book out that I want and I’m debating getting the electronic version. I’ve got boxes of old books and all that paper seems wasteful. Plus I need readers now for paperbacks and headaches happen. Wood be using my iPad. Otoh, traditional books can go anywhere, never need charging and...
  8. extremedave

    Revisiting prior parks.

    We rode at Jungle today. I’ve only ridden there a few times and didn’t remember it fondly. After a season or two of steady Wildcat the place suddenly was super fun. Have you gone back to a park and had it be more (or less) than you remembered?
  9. extremedave

    2016 Kona Process 111 Medium

    Selling my blingy Process. 130mm Pike with Debonair upgrade and MRP ramp control, uppers are perfect. Cane Creek DB shock E13 Carbon wheels E13 Carbon cranks xo1 11 speed KS dropper Guide RS brakes Box Carbon bars. Have a few different tire options. Got some Wildcat issued nicks and scuffs...
  10. extremedave

    Old skool DH riders, gaze into your dusty parts bins!

    Looking for: 26 inch DH tires and/or tubes. Gonna try to setup tubeless tho. Hayes Stroker Ace pads (even a bleed kit, if you've got one). Fox coil springs, I have a 500 which might be fine, but tweaking stuff is fun too. Thanks!
  11. extremedave

    Bad ideas from FB marketplace.

    So I saw this killer revamped older Stumpjumper and it gave me ideas. i own the same basic bike which I bought new. Kinda keeping it as a museum piece, it’s in very nice shape with decent parts (circa 90’s) but I never ride it. Plus I’m kinda looking for a project. Plan A: find a fork and...
  12. extremedave

    Kids bike trailer $25 obo

    2 seat, everything works, well used. Needs a new flag I guess. Had lots of fun with it, probably even got it here used. Uses a QR or regular threaded axle for the bike mount. Another outgrown item. Darn kids.
  13. extremedave

    180 rotor(s) needed. Centerlines wood be great.

    Just as said, my rotors are beat, Guide RS calipers so matchy rotors would be cool. Need two, will take one. 6-bolt. Tanks.
  14. extremedave

    So how do you (finally) buy a new bike?

    Let me explain before you goofs instruct me to visit my LBS. For the last many bikes, I’ve bought used. I pick a general category of bike I’m interested in then grab the next decent deal that pops up. Usually I don’t lose too much on the transaction, certainly not new bike depreciation. So...
  15. extremedave

    Jdog on the Path podcast!

    Dunno if anyone else mentioned it. Really good episode, all over the map on topics which is very entertaining. Even mentioned the board. Go get some!
  16. extremedave

    Kids 24” specialized Hotrock

    Runs good, tires hold air, shifts fine, needs nada. Great mid-sized kids bike. My daughter outgrew it pretty fast, kinda works for maybe around age 10 or so. It was passed on to me and I want to see it go to a legit kid, not CL or eBay. So I reserve the right to refuse, or you can just produce...
  17. extremedave

    Surly Karate Monkey Large (yes that one) $700.00

    Santa's KM is back on the block. Apparently I've gotten too used to the full squish life to go back. Going to save for the shreddy enduro on my bucket list instead. As listed: 14 or 15 Karate Monkey Large. Stan's Rapid wheels, SS specific rear hub. 34/19 with a fresh oval ring. SLX cranks. Spin...
  18. extremedave

    27.2 External dropper

    If you have something around you didn't love or don't need let me know. Caveat: My go-to is the Chain Reaction Brand-X which retails for $135.00. I'll probably grab one of those if nothing pans out. Thx!
  19. extremedave

    Bounce house

    I bought this on here and got many years of fun out of it. Was planning on letting it go to a new home for cheap. Set it up and discovered the damn chipmunks had put a hole it in. Tried the duct tape and it works but with my weight it sags a bit. Little kids probably fine. Fan works great. If...
  20. extremedave

    Riding Lake George area?

    I looked on Trailforks, didn’t see so much. Curious if anyone has some input. tanks!
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