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  1. rosceaux

    Q: Trainer for kids

    One of my friends has a 10 year-old son who was very active. Two years ago, they located a tumor, but only after he lost his sight. His sight has not returned. For the most part, he is healthy and energetic. Last spring I got them an Adams Trail-A-Bike and set it up for them. It was really the...
  2. rosceaux

    Single speed stumper

    I thought I was going to be able to post in "What did you do for your bike today," but I'm perplexed. Had the single speed well set up and running smoothly. However, I wanted to change from the Formula hubs to a wheel set I got with Stan's Neo for the better engagement. The whole process went...
  3. rosceaux

    WTB 34t Chainring 104bcd

    Trying out some mods for my SS. Currently using 32t oval, but looking to try out other front/rear configurations.
  4. rosceaux

    Road Shorts Recommendations

    I believe that I am suffering from BAS (Boney Ass Syndrome). On my mtb, no problem. But on my road/cross bike, huge pain in the ass after an hour or so. Not saddle sores, but a really sore butt. Same whether on the road and rollers. I've been through 7 different saddles and I'm pretty happy with...
  5. rosceaux

    Fork: Steel? Carbon? Suspension?

    In August, I bought a 2015 Salsa El Mariachi. And I fell in love with it. After three weeks, I sold my Big Honzo DL as I just couldn't justify having an extra bike that I knew would get no love. (And I stashed the cash for any future ElMar upgrades). In fact, I haven't even been using my cross...
  6. rosceaux

    SS newbie questions

    So, I posted in another SS thread that I recently purchased a 2014 El Mariachi. I have it set up 32 - 18 and I am loving it. It is totally humbling on some of the bigger, rockier climbs, but I can do my regular loop at Baldpate with the exception of 50 steep, rocky yards going up the western red...
  7. rosceaux

    Tubeless - tape - blowoff

    I've swapped out tubeless tires before, but this morning was the first time I taped the rims myself. Stan's ZTR Rapid rims with Stan's 25mm tape as per recommendation. It looked great with a lot of stretch in order to keep the tape off the rim grooves. Did a dry installation of Maxxis Ardent 2.4...
  8. rosceaux

    15x100 spaced front wheel

    Looking for a 700 disc front tire with 15x100 Maxle spacing for my Crockett. Thanks
  9. rosceaux

    Gearing question

    I know that the ultimate answers are going to be: 1. N+1 2. Fire 3. Fire & N+2 But none of those are realistic options right now. I've been putting a lot of road miles on my cross bike in an effort to build my endurance base. I would like to spend some more road time on the hills, but I'm...
  10. rosceaux

    Dried sealant

    Recently picked up a used set of Stans Iron Cross rims and found that the sealant was totally dried out. Not unexpected in the least given the fact that it hadn’t been ridden or serviced in two years. My question is whether or not (and if so how) I should remove the dry sealant. I know it could...
  11. rosceaux

    WTB: Beater Cross Bike (lend/lease/buy/trade)

    Just catching the bug to enter some cyclocross events. My road bike is 61cm, and the rim brakes won't let me put anything larger than a 28 cm tire on. My MTB is a 27.5+, so it doesn't make sense to ride with that either, if avoidable. Looking for a heavily used 58 or 61 cross or gravel bike...
  12. rosceaux

    Found at Core Creek

    I found some mountain biking stuff on the trail at Core Creek while running yesterday. Send me a PM if you recently lost anything
  13. rosceaux

    First time in the snow

    I've been riding for about a year now after converting from road, and I've been lurking on this site for about a month. After reading all the posts about riding fat tires in the snow, I decided to take my 26'er out last night. I rode 10 miles of canal path through 2 inches of virgin snow. It...
  14. rosceaux

    Man vs. Machine

    Glad to see so many mountain bikers who also run. Running is more of my sport and mountain biking is more of a hobby. In fact, I really just got into it a year ago. I ride with a friend who has been mountain biking for years, but kids and work have left him rusty. Anyway, he rides about 5 days...
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