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  1. OneTrackMind

    WTB: Titanium/Steel Road Bike/Frame 50-52cm

    I need this for a triathlon, so I prefer the whole bike, but I could take a frame swap out some stuff from my fixed gear (my only road bike) and borrow gears from friend. I'm hoping I get one fairly cheap. The missus does not support my expensive hobbies. Thanks in advance. Update: Went all...
  2. OneTrackMind

    Mens Tri-Suit

  3. OneTrackMind

    2010 50cm Polished Silver Dawes SST AL FG/SS Track Bike with Carbon Fork

    $330 Great bike, just not for me. Barely used. FG 49/15 comes with 15t freewheel. PM me for pics.
  4. OneTrackMind

    Almost New Shimano PD-M520 SPD pedals $30

    Bought them to compare with eggbeaters. Put them on my road bike and went for a 20 mile spin. PS, if you don't want the cleats I'll knock off another $5. SOLD!!!
  5. OneTrackMind


    I've had this nagging question for sometime now. Here are the two extremes from the same website; $10 vs. $170. Besides the most obvious question, (why?!?) is there a functional middle ground? The purpose of course is eye-protection. I've had my cheeks and forehead snagged by branches a few time...
  6. OneTrackMind

    Do Eggbeaters Accomodate SPD Cleats?

    I have crank bros. eggbeaters and cleats to match. However, the cleats don't fit the spin bikes at the gym. I think they're SPD. I read in another forum about people using SPD cleats with eggbeaters. Is it true or are they smoking?
  7. OneTrackMind

    2002-2004 Honda Odyssey Cargo Liner & Cross Bars

    I listed them on Craigslist. Cargo Liner - $60 Cross Bars - $75
  8. OneTrackMind

    Backpain: Is this the end of the season for me?

    I decided to go riding around town with the kids (10, 8 and 4) this morning. We went to our Middle School parking lot where I decided to show the younger two (boys) how to negotiate the tiny difference of elevation between sidewalk and asphalt. About the 13th time going up and down I felt a...
  9. OneTrackMind

    WTT: Brand new Shimano MT31 size 44 for size 43/42 ?

    My very first pair of bicycling shoes arrived today but they're way too big for my feet. Let me know if you're trying to get rid of a pair that are too small for you. Perferably new.
  10. OneTrackMind


    I'm new to mountain biking so I've been reading a few threads on this forum to make sense of it all. I read about riders ringing their bells. I don't have a bell on my bike. Is it necessary to have one? I'm afraid with my luck I'll end up with a constant jingling noise in the background from...
  11. OneTrackMind

    Does anyone have a spare pair of pedals and cleats?

    Does anyone have a spare pair of pedals and cleats for sale? The "financer" brings up kid's college funds every time I mention bicycle parts. I need something cheap to slide under the radar.
  12. OneTrackMind

    10/2 17:30

    Planning on Friday after work. There's a slight chance of rain earlier. I'm not sure how that would affect the trails.
  13. OneTrackMind

    Sore and grinning

    Hi everyone!!! Got my first ever "proper" mountain bike last week. 29-ss-rigid... asking for punishment. The local bike shop was backed-up, so I had to do the best I can. The one thing I didn't do was swap out the 42t chain ring for the 33t one (my technical ineptness to blame). Went to...
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