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  1. FrankV

    Non-Boost Hubs

    I need a non-boost hub set. 12x142 and 15x100. 32 hole. For my DJ, preferably super loud and single speed but anything with a HG body works to.
  2. FrankV

    DJ frame needed

    Building a DJ for the summer. I need a frame that has a tapered head tube, and in medium or large. Calling my budget at $450, what do you guys and girls have?
  3. FrankV


    Ok so here’s the deal, I’m planning on building a ramp by a lake and need a cheap bike to launch into it with. Who’s got something?
  4. FrankV

    Tire Trade

    Ok so here is the deal. I have a brand new, never mounted Maxxis DHF DD MaxxGrip in 29x2.4wt A friend convinced me that a assegai will treat me better up front, does anyone have one in 29x2.4wt with DD casing they want to trade?
  5. FrankV


    This could most likely be a question for @jimvreeland since he’s pretty well versed in this. I built my dads bike out with Red/Force AXS in a 1x configuration. This leaves the dual click for the FD unused. He purchased a new Garmin UT800 smart light that pairs to his Garmin 520. Is it possible...
  6. FrankV

    ESC Mountain Creek Enduro

    After a fun weekend at glen park, it’s time to hit creek. Who’s going?
  7. FrankV

    AXS Derailleur Won’t move to low gear

    As the title states, my Force AXS long cage derailleur won’t move to the 36t. Yes, the limit is set all the way out and I’ve used the adjustment “cable tension” and it did nothing. Just can’t get it up there, any tips?
  8. FrankV

    Cutting Airshaft

    Ok, so this is kinda specific. I have a new 2021 fox 36 factory at 160mm of travel. I want more travel but don’t want 170, I want 165. I’m super obsessive about getting the numbers right so it’s something I gotta try out. I have seen one or two others online do this, but would it be possible to...
  9. FrankV

    Gonna try SS

    OK, I wanna try SS on my chameleon. What is the best kit for an XD driver?
  10. FrankV

    King of the Mountain Enduro

    Ok so here we go, it’s my first enduro and I’m pretty stoked. Who’s going/has done it before? Any tips from last year?
  11. FrankV

    Enduro bike possibly for sale soon

    Kinda putting a feeler out there. Considering selling my practically new Slash 9.8 in about two months from now, I purchased it two weeks ago. Upgraded tires but kept in pretty stock, besides normal scuffs and scratches it should be running flawless when I’m selling it. I wash my bike after...
  12. FrankV

    WTB Medium Hardtail

    Looking for a friend, can’t spend over $1000. He fits nicely on a medium, looking for possible air fork on the bike, 2016 or newer in good condition.
  13. FrankV

    Beginner Enduro Racer

    Hey! I have an extensive background in road CX and XC, but plan on starting enduro races. I’m new at this, so any tips or advice would be great. What to wear, what to do etc. Thanks!
  14. FrankV

    Street Riding North Jersey

    Any good street riding in north/central jersey? Hitting it on enduro bikes so need some good stair gaps and drops!
  15. FrankV

    New Bike

    I’m deciding between the Remedy and Fuel EX 9.8. I’ll be using it around here and at creek, but really stuck. Both come with a fox 36, and I’ll bring the fuel to 150mm up front if I get it. Give me some input
  16. FrankV

    SOLD - Van Dessel CRB $1400

    Just putting a feeler out there, might just be looking to sell this if there’s any interest. Frame is 2018, most parts are newer. Highlights: Nx Eagle AB oval chainring Fsa Carbon seatpost and stem SLX brakes 2.1” Michelin force tubeless Can be setup drop bar 53cm
  17. FrankV

    Parts bin

    Selling all of these as is, I’ll happily ship if you pay for it. $225 - Lightweight Rennbügel handle bar, 42cm - weighs in at around 168g, lightly used. Only damage is some of the grip tape where the hoods clamp onto is peeling, only cosmetic and won’t be seen once bar tape is put on. $200...
  18. FrankV

    Where to get frame powder coated?

    Looking to powder coat my frame. Let me know what experiences you’ve had!
  19. FrankV

    Ethirteen 12 speed cassette creaking

    I got the ethirteen cassette in hopes to save weight, but it won’t stop creaking. I’ve covered every metal to metal contact with way to much grease, and the creaking happens two rides later. Anyone who found the solution, let me know!
  20. FrankV

    Everesting locations

    I’m considering everesting on an aero bike (why not), but the two good hills near me suck. Those happen to be Schooleys and Naughright. Can anyone give a recommendation of a good hill in north/central jersey?
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