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  1. Andypowerful

    Brake pads - resin or metal?

    Need to replace my pads. Which is better metal or resin pads? I have Shimano SLX brakes.
  2. Andypowerful

    Stans sealant acting like glue

    Is there anything that can be done to stop tire sealant from gluing your valve together? I needed to add air out on the trail and could not get my valve to open. It kept unscrewing the whole valve. I needed to use 2 needle nose to get it to loosen. I'm just going to cary to small pliers now.
  3. Andypowerful

    SOLD-2003 Ellsworth Id Large- $500

    I figure I'd try listing this here first before I go the route of Craigslist. I don't have Facebook so I can't do that. 2003 Ellsworth Id - Large Frame Romic Coil Over Rear Shock Manitou Sherman Flick Fork - 6" travel XT Components Hayes Disc Brakes Easton Monkey Lite Carbon Bars Chris King...
  4. Andypowerful

    SOLD 29er wheel set with tires cassette and rotors $100

    These are Alex or Allterra wheels that were taken off my GT Sensor. They are set up tubeless already and include the Sunrace 46T cassette and SLX 180mm rotors and Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.35 tires They are boost spaced - 10/110 and 12/148. They only have about 100 miles on them. Asking $100
  5. Andypowerful

    Ergon Pro SM Saddle - Is it any good?

    I was thinking of getting the Ergon SM Pro saddle and was wondering if anyone has any experience with it. It sounds good and the reviews all seem good but you never know.
  6. Andypowerful

    FREE BMX Mongoose Legion 20” bike

    Saw this in the trash. Picked it up to see if anyone needs a BMX bike for a kid. Fixed the front flat and turned the fork around to the correct position. The brakes are very tight and do not move.
  7. Andypowerful

    Free Taylor Hard Shell Acoustic Guitar Case

    This fits Taylor models Grand Concert size or any grand concert acoustic guitar. I had a Taylor Mini GS that fit in it. It was originally for Taylor model 712. I’m in Little Falls.
  8. Andypowerful

    Nishiki Pueblo Girls bike - Gone

    My daughter rode this very was good to teach her how to use gears. It has grip shift. It’s too small for her now. The basket on the front lifts off With a carry handle. I am in Little Falls. FREE
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