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  1. Nickdc955i

    Eye opener

    Hello all. I asked a friend to make me a blood type sticker for my motorcycle helmet and thought this may be a good idea for all here . I am also a member of DAN which for 35.00 a year gets you a cheap helicopter ride should the need ever arise . It could cost 20,000 or more if not insured. If...
  2. Nickdc955i

    Gravity won....

    Jump pit at Allaire , I was over my head, and bars...
  3. Nickdc955i

    2-9 ride

    Hello I’m looking for a place to ride closer to me than Allaire in Bedminster /Iselin area. Any ideas?
  4. Nickdc955i

    Allair state park

    Heading out to Allaire in the am . Never been there any ideas welcome.
  5. Nickdc955i

    How much is too much?

    I recently rebuilt a rear shock on a Cannondale Jekyll I bought used. I filled the air pressure to 190 psi weigh about 167 and am using about 3/4 if travel. Initially the ride height feels good, then it feels as if it has squatted . I check pressure and it is the same get back on and the ride...
  6. Nickdc955i

    12/22 ride ?

    Sunday 10 am six mile run, round valley anyone want to join?
  7. Nickdc955i

    Sunday morning ride anyone?

    Bedminster area.
  8. Nickdc955i

    New to me Cannondale Jekyll 700 SX

    I just received this bike and knew the rear shock was too soft. Apparently they remove the air for shipping. ( After a 5 hour round valley loop). What psi range is there for a fox floatR rear shock? If it matters I'm 160 5'7" I'd like to order brake pads, and new tires as well. The rear is 26...
  9. Nickdc955i

    New here

    Hello all. Back at it after a long break. I have some questions about bike maintenance and looking for some new places to explore. Plan on going through the winter as best I can. Looped Round Valley reservoir Saturday. Grueling but complete ?
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