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    Laced my first wheel

    Couldn’t find a complete wheel for my enduro that would be shipping in the next few weeks so I built one. I need to have it trued, but it was easy and fun.
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    If you haven't bought your creek may not get one at all

    Creek just posted they are only selling 100 more passes at the early rate, and 200 at regular price after that. Once those 200 are gone that is it until fall.
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    What’s this fork worth?

    Many apologies if this isn’t the right thread. Rock Shox yari 160 (2017) Uppers are pretty messed up from a crash at creek. I smoothed them out best I could with 5000 wet sandpaper but ended up replacing the fork. Steer tube is 5.75” thought I might get involved and take it apart out of...
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    Dismal Harmony

    Anyone know why dismal harmony is no go for bikes? Been walking a lot back there and it would have some great stuff
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    What would you pay for this...

    Wanted to start a thread that hopefully others will use too... I am tossing around the idea of picking up a used 27.5 trail bike, nothing serious yet but did come across some used bikes on Pinkbike, looked on Bicycle Blue book which I know isn't a great price guide. But what would you pay for...
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    20-21 Ski/Snowboard thread

    I thought about starting this after I saw the photos from Burke this past weekend. What did everyone do for Passes? My sugarbush pass became an Ikon but also thinking about pulling the trigger the the NYS Ski 3 since I'll be posted up in Lake George most of the winter.
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    Peloton Shoes - Size 42

    Brand new, paper is still in the shoes. I switched the pedals out to my own. $80 located in Randolph, will ship for an additional $10 or meet up at creek on a weekend.
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    FREE - Bontrager xr4 29x2.4

    Lots of life left been hanging on my wall in the garage for a year. Who wants it? Im in Randolph and its going in the trash Thursday AM.
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    Don’t store co2...

    Friend of mine sent me this...his friend tossed a co2 canister in his upper glove box. Forgot it was put there and baked in sun. Boom...
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    For sale - Peloton brand size 42 shoe

    Brand new with the clips size 42. 100$ or best offer. Located in 07869
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    Found dodge key

    Picked up a key to a dodge, put it on the information board in the parking lot at sunrise lake. No dodges in parking lot ??‍♂️
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    Garmin vs iPhone apps

    On the fence about buying a GPS since a lot of my riding is likely going to be solo in the future. Are the Garmin's really that much better at routing than trailforks and similar apps? I noticed a lot of trails don’t exist on trailforks and I’d like to learn my way around other places.
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    FS: Yakima front loader

    I’ve had this for about a year and I’m just not using it. Rack is on a garage kept car and hasn’t seen winter. Comes with 2 keys and the blank. Located in Randolph. $165
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    For Sale - Used NX 11spd parts

    I upgraded and have no use for these. Off a 2018 Fuel EX 9.7 prob 1000 miles. $50 takes it all. Located in Randolph Derailleur Shifter Cassette
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    Carbon wheel upgrade..worth it?

    through a friend i've been offered an amazing deal on new Crank Bros Synthesis E wheel set. My current wheels are the standard Trek Line comp 30s. I know they will be stiffer and will break rather than bend. Do you like your carbon wheels?
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    Free Pearl iZumi X-Alp

    These shoes are a few years old but practically new. Worn a handful of times, just didn’t like them. Euro size 45. Located in 07869. Getting donated to Vietnam vets if no one wants them.
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    Don't buy anything from

    I have bought a few bike related items and numerous ski related items from this site, but now they are just being a$$holes.
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    GONE - Free pads - Fit Avid Juicy Hydraulic or mechanical brakes

    I have some brake pads in my toolbox and I have no use for them. 2 different types. If you want them they are located in 07869. Free if you pick up (a unique beer would be good karma) or I’ll mail them for a 10$
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    Found Oakley's

    Found some sweet Oakleys this morning. If they are yours let me know the kind and color and i'll return them to you.
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    Converted to Threaded still creaks

    Loosing my mind a little here...I still have a creak when I apply a lot of force on the cranks which usually means im pulling on the bars too but I cannot locate the source of the noise. Here is what I have done so far... Replaced all of the pivot bearings Replaced the BB with a threaded one...
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