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  1. grumner80

    Fantasy Downhill League

    So long story short, a friend and I joked once about creating a fantasy downhill league and lately I’ve been thinking about it more and wanted to get some feedback on the idea. Don’t have all the details yet, but it would be something like each person gets to take turns picking out DH riders...
  2. grumner80

    forum on android phone

    Not exactly bike stuff, but wasn't sure where to go. I haven't been on here in a while because I've been really busy and when I am on my computer I get preoccupied with other things I have to do online and forget about this site. My question is if there's anyway to get this forum set up on an...
  3. grumner80

    *stolen bike*

    TO EVERYONE: A BIKE WAS STOLEN IN THE BRONX THIS MORNING!!! The bike is a 2010 intense 951 that was being sold for $2800. Pictures and additional info can be found at: full specs include: 2011 elka stage 5 2010 small intense 951 2010 boxxer world...
  4. grumner80

    us open

    Diablo finally set the dates for the 2011 us open!! Registration dates, practices, race days and times, entry prices and prizes are all updated for those interested in spectating and racing there.
  5. grumner80

    DH wheels for sale:

    Brand new DH wheels for sale!! NEVER BEFORE BEEN USED! want to sell ASAP!
  6. grumner80

    brand new wheels:

    Easton Havoc DH wheelset: retails for $800; asking $500 OBO Literally never been mounted on a bike, or had a tire or tube installed on them. I still have all the original packaging and everything. PM in interested
  7. grumner80

    scratch on sanction

    I rode ringwood for the first time the other day, and when I was putting the bike in the car I noticed a scratch on one of the sanctions about 70% up. this scratch isn't extremely deep, but not a light one;(will have pics soon). but will a scratch on the sanction cause any...
  8. grumner80

    freeride places

    is there anywhere in NJ where you could freeride?(besides daiblo) or at least anyplace you could build freeride trails???
  9. grumner80

    unfortunate injuries :(

    so i found out my foot's broken, and i can't be on it untill the 2nd week of september when i've already started school. I had high hopes for the future events in diablo's gravity series, after taking second in the indy cross race at the first one, but that i now can't compete in. i've been...
  10. grumner80

    gravity series @diablo...

    is anyone going to the next gravity series race, either to watch or rider, next weekend 7/11 - 7/12? i'm planning on entering the race but i want to go to the park first to get a taste of what i'm going to encounter.
  11. grumner80

    trying to expand my horizons as much as possible

    hey, kinda new to the website, not so new to the sport; i'm planning on registering for the next race in the gravity series at diablo freeride park under the senior intro class, but i'm not seeing anything on the diablo web site on how to register? does anyone here know how to register for the...
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