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  1. Zaskar

    2018 Grand Cherokee WeatherTech FloorLiner

    Have a driver/passenger and rear cargo mat up for grabs. Will hose them down. I'll take a couple beers for them.
  2. Zaskar

    Camper/RV rentals?

    Planning a trip out west to visit friends in Idaho and Montana this summer. Looking at renting small RV or camper van for four. We'll have some lodging but mostly be camping. Anyone done something similar that can make recommendations, do's/dont's on vehicle rentals? Flying in and out of Boise...
  3. Zaskar

    ISO: 27.5 rear wheel

    Friend is in need to keep the bike rolling for a few more months. 27.5 rear wheel, 12x142mm Anything out there?
  4. Zaskar

    SOLD --- Pake C'Mute Steel CX/Gravel/Touring Bike - Mediumish

    Fun bike we used as a townie for the past several years. Wife has switched to riding her MTB more often and looking to make room in garage. MTBNJ price -- $300 -- Send me a PM if interested Purchased from @Delish (and reusing his sales pitch :)) Pake C'Mute frame/fork- Butted Tange 4130...
  5. Zaskar

    Black Diamond harness

    I've had this floating around my life since the mid 90s after it was left by a roomie. Not vouching for its safety ??‍♂️ Free
  6. Zaskar

    WTB: Dropper lever

    Looking for a replacement lever for my sons bike. Anyone have something sitting on their bench or toolbox?
  7. Zaskar

    Park Tool PRS Team Issue Repair Stand

    Selling for a neighbor..... Asking $150 in Caldwell Park Tool PRS Team Issue Repair Stand
  8. Zaskar

    Easton Nipple - Long shot....

    I'm in need of one of these Easton threaded spoke nipples, heading out of town on Friday morning and looking for one more of these.. ... anyone? Bueller, Bueller?
  9. Zaskar

    River's Edge Family Bike Park

    Was out to Shawnee for a pre season ski meeting on Saturday and passed this.... Anyone been out there to ride? Looks like it's going to be completed in phases.
  10. Zaskar

    What year is this?

    Was given this by a friend of a friend and looking to get a dropout for if but I can't figure out the year. Any ideas?
  11. Zaskar

    Hit and run in Verona last night

    Local MTB'er on a road ride last night was the victim of a hit and run. Luckily there were witnesses and one of them followed the suspects TRUCK, alerted the police and he was arrested. The rider is in the ICU with multiple back fractures, broken ribs, punctured lung and internal bleeding...
  12. Zaskar

    2017 garden thread

    Up to 60 degrees today and then 6-8 of snow tomorrow..... What are you planning to plant? I'd like to start from seeds this year so, where do you buy and how soon do we need to start? What resources (websites, books) do you use? Last year was my first and had a pretty successful output of...
  13. Zaskar

    HAPPY ENDING -> Lost IBIS Mojo HD3+ -

    Posting for a friend so please hold back from commenting on....HOW THE HELL COULD THIS HAPPEN?? Yes, as the title reads a friend had his 2016 Ibis Mojo HD3 + fall off his rack while getting off Rt 80 E onto to Rt 46 E near Wayne. Once he realized it, he back tracked and it was no where to be...
  14. Zaskar

    Unofficial poll of Trump voters on MTBNJ

    Did you vote for the POTUS?
  15. Zaskar

    Telemark skiing/rentals?

    I volunteer at Shawnee and will be spending the next 10 weekends there as my elder son is doing their race development program. Trying to locate a place the rents telemark gear so I can give it a go...anyone know of a place? Been skiing my entire life minus four years on a snowboard and have...
  16. Zaskar

    Roof Drop!
  17. Zaskar

    Church doors

    The church we attend is replacing exterior doors and looking to find a home for them. From what I'm told they are from the late 1800's and I think it’s 8 pieces in total. Any interest in them for a donation?
  18. Zaskar

    RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns - 4 tickets for Meadowlands 10/28

    We bought these tickets without confirming schedules and have a conflict and can't use them. 4 tickets at 8 PM - 2 adult, 2 kids. Looks like a fun event... 60 bucks takes them.
  19. Zaskar

    Camping at Allaire

    Son is turning 11 this week and we camping at Allaire on Friday night with some of his buddies. Anyone know about the conditions of the yurts? Are they new, old, clean, worth it over tenting for one night? @Frank maybe?
  20. Zaskar

    This is just a poll, it is only a poll - DO NOT POST

    Don't care about reasons or beliefs, who's lying or telling the truth. Just answer the poll. Mods please delete if you think this is inappropriate... Debate bump!
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