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  1. ekuhn

    Managing Cycling Clothes

    This topic has been floating around my head for a while, mostly in July when I've competed in the 31 for 31, but has started again with BIYF. How do you manage your cycling clothes? Wash it all after every ride? Screw it - if it doesn't smell - its still good to go, like gym shorts? Buy...
  2. ekuhn

    Penny Farthing - High Wheel

    While searching for Higher Learning...riding around Princeton, I saw this guy. He was the main attraction on the Tow Path. Didnt get to chat with him as he was taking off. Who's had the joy of riding one of these? True definition of a fixie.
  3. ekuhn

    19" Specialized Hard Rock - NICA or Second Life Bikes

    This Specialized Hard Rock came to me. She's a little rough, but could fit a NICA kid...or Second Life Bikes can have it. Needs 30.8 Seat post and Seat, cables and front derailleur need some love. The most valuable part of this bike is the 26" tubes! Rear shifts great, has a bunch of...
  4. ekuhn

    Google Nest Thermostat E

    Google Nest Thermostat E - I bought this after last winter and went to install it, but doesn't work with my current setup. Connects to the Nest app. I pulled out of package, mounted it to the wall before I realized I need the smarter thermostat to control the two separate heating/cooling...
  5. ekuhn

    Powered Surround Sound Subwoofer

    Anyone have a powered surround sound subwoofer or surround sound speaker set w/sub available you want to get rid of?
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  7. ekuhn

    RaceFace ISIS Cranks & Bottom Brackets, 9 Speed Cassette

    RaceFace 175mm ISIS Cranks with Evolve XC 113mm bottom bracket,extra no name BB just cause, 32 tooth chainring. $25 Brand new Shimano 9 Speed Cassette for those 9 speed restorations, $10 Would ship at buyers expense or meet up between 6MR and Newark.
  8. ekuhn

    Park PCS-10 Bike Stand

    Park PCS-10 Bike Stand. Works as it should. Some rub marks from hanging bike off clamp. Folds down to travel. $120 Pick up in Somerset Near Six Mile Run or meet somewhere between Somerset and Newark after work.
  9. ekuhn

    *.mov files

    It’s August 2019. How come we can’t upload MOV files? Is it just because of the bandwidth?
  10. ekuhn

    2014-2019 Subaru Outback 1- 1/4" Hitch

    Curt Bolt-on aftermarket, no bumper removal, 1- 1/4" hitch for 2014-2019 Subaru Outback. $50 pick up between Six Mile/CR and Newark. Installation by others. Online Reference Here Only thing you need is the hardware kit from for installation, which is approx $56, Part # RHK...
  11. ekuhn

    Weehoo Bike Trailer

    Anyone have a weehoo bike trailer they are looking to get rid of? Single seater preferred.
  12. ekuhn

    Photo's not loading

    Not sure if its because its the 31/31 thread specifically, or the beer thread because its filled with photos, but even after a few refresh's they photos don't load? Some in the post load, some dont load at all? @Patrick
  13. ekuhn

    Indian Lake NY Adirondacks

    I’m heading for an impromptu Weekend get away to Indian Lake NY. I’ve been there during the winter but never in the summer. Anyone have any road/gravel/mtb loops they can point me to? The roads I’ve driven up there all seem like highways heading into town. I’ll be the only one riding so rides...
  14. ekuhn

    Road Tubeless Lessons Learned

    So a little over a year ago I flatted with my Hutchinson Fusion 5 that was set up tubeless. So I stuck a tube in and long story short I never got to patching the tire and removing the tube, just rode it as is. Fast forward to last night, I flatted with the same tire. It felt odd that I would...
  15. ekuhn

    Question for the Strava Guru's

    Question for the Strava Gurus out there I created a segment for a typical road loop that I do. Is it possible to compare on which rides within that loop my fastest or slowest? Sort of like the leader board but just of my own rides? It only gives me the fastest now as i'm 1 of 1.
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    Sold. Admin Lock it up.
  19. ekuhn

    2014-2017 Subaru Outback Curt Hitch 1 1/4"

    1 1/4" Curt Hitch for 2014-2017 Subaru Outback $75 Worked great for me and my bike rack, but I no longer have the car. I do not have the hardware kit, which would need to be ordered. I spoke with a sales rep and they have it HERE For information on hitch: Curt Hitch
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