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  1. grumner80

    What song has the best intro (30 seconds or less)?

    Thought of another one, Dark Necessities by Red Hot Chili Peppers. It's about 10second over, but still a really good intro!
  2. grumner80

    What song has the best intro (30 seconds or less)?

    State of my head ,by Shinedown. It's about 18 seconds of an intro, but it's really solid!
  3. grumner80

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver w/many extras $375

    Is this still available? If so, are you still firm on the price?
  4. grumner80

    Fantasy Downhill League

    I was thinking of doing the prizes like a pool. I was mentioning timed practice and Quali's cause they would give clues as to how the outcome is going to be if everyone hadn't already picked. With some races back to back it would put a time constraint on people picking their order for the next...
  5. grumner80

    2016 World Cup DH

    I get that it's European run, but it's still a WORLD cup, IMO they should spread it out. I was looking at some of the places this year and a lot of them are relatively close to each other; if the stages were ordered just a little differently the majority of the season would look like a...
  6. grumner80

    2016 World Cup DH I may have missed something at some point, but is there a particular reason an overwhelming majority of the races are in Europe? One in Canada, one in Australia, the rest in...
  7. grumner80

    Fantasy Downhill League

    I hear ya. So instead of picking people to be yours on your team and earn you points, you just predict the finishing order? That's a different idea; I'm not sure how it would work in DH with timed practice and Quali's but that seems like a good idea for world champs, or maybe for bonus points...
  8. grumner80

    tested out the new Session 8 today. first ride.

    +1!! Would love to join in on any DH/Shuttle rides! Especially in this time of year when little to no options for the DH rider.
  9. grumner80

    Fantasy Downhill League

    Thanks for the feedback! That's a good idea to have some riders be starters and others as subs for the races. I didn't think of that for this because in most fantasy leagues the sport will regularly have starters and subs or healthy scratches, in downhill, you're either injured or racing...
  10. grumner80

    Fantasy Downhill League

    So long story short, a friend and I joked once about creating a fantasy downhill league and lately I’ve been thinking about it more and wanted to get some feedback on the idea. Don’t have all the details yet, but it would be something like each person gets to take turns picking out DH riders...
  11. grumner80

    forum on android phone

    forgot to mention I was looking for a free one; I'm probably gonna look at 'convo'. If any other ideas, or common problems with these apps I'd love to hear them. Thanks.
  12. grumner80

    forum on android phone

    Not exactly bike stuff, but wasn't sure where to go. I haven't been on here in a while because I've been really busy and when I am on my computer I get preoccupied with other things I have to do online and forget about this site. My question is if there's anyway to get this forum set up on an...
  13. grumner80

    Favorite Protein Shake

    +1 haven't been on here in a while, because I've been finishing up my bachelors in exercise science; one of the commonly known quick, simple post workout drinks amongst the gym rats is simple chocolate milk. Yes there are plenty of other options; ideally, you would like to get all your...
  14. grumner80

    Winter riding

    You also want to make sure you dress in layers, (as I hope you already know); just keep in mind it's reccommended to be a little cold, (uncomfortable, not freezing) before your ride, so that way when you heat up you don't sweat too much and get wet.
  15. grumner80

    *stolen bike*

    I believe it was from the car, don't know anymore details than that, but the victim doesn't live in NY.
  16. grumner80

    *stolen bike*

    Will deffinitely keep everyone posted. And everyone was thinking the theif was going to part it out, but yea either way it doesn't make sense that he would do any work to it, unless to try to pass it off as not the orriginal
  17. grumner80

    *stolen bike*

    TO EVERYONE: A BIKE WAS STOLEN IN THE BRONX THIS MORNING!!! The bike is a 2010 intense 951 that was being sold for $2800. Pictures and additional info can be found at: full specs include: 2011 elka stage 5 2010 small intense 951 2010 boxxer world...
  18. grumner80

    Looking for

    Don't know if it helps you, but I have a white e-13 chainguide-?
  19. grumner80

    My hartshorne and Huber Woods Park pictures

    I always park at buttermilk lot, and usually take the fire road to grand tour; works as a good warm up. If your use to parking at the other lot, this might be a nice way to mix it up to make some gains, since you get to the technical trails after your already a little tired... I do the same...
  20. grumner80

    Trail Map

    just stumbled across this forum; (always looking for places I havn't been yet); but seems like a good place to take beginners. The terrain sounds similar to 6 mile, but without the distance, so no worries to someone who might not be into a long ride off the bat, and the scenery should give them...
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