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  1. JonF

    That DT Swiss, they're so frisky right now!

    I mean, why limit ones self to just ASS when you can go for the full ASSRAM Monty? I for one enjoy this tasty blend of smarmy web dev meets Ranier Wolfcastle.
  2. JonF

    Upstate NY area MTB Bike Park/Resort destinations?

    Looking to book a family vacation this summer, but not too far as we have a toddler so we want to limit travel time to 3 hrs max. There seems to be some bike parks in the Catskills and Windham comes up in a search. Are there other parks nearby that are worthwhile/better (And is Windham decent...
  3. JonF

    WTB: 2021 Specialized S-Works Epic Evo frameset

    I suppose this moreso directed to any Specialized dealers we may have on the forum so if there are any, i'd appreciate a reach-out and let me know the situation on these. XL frameset in green in particular.
  4. JonF

    Can I show you my Green Weenie?

    What's stiff, sexy, and glides effortlessly between your thighs? The GREEN WEENIE of course! She's 17lbs of custom, ultralight, exotic carbon fiber, titanium and CNC milled alloy. This fully rigid XC bike suffers no fools though, you better know how to handle her or else you get tossed like a...
  5. JonF

    Free: Shimano M315 hydraulic brakes complete f+r

    Pulled these off my wife's Cannondale hardtail because the rear developed a leak in the caliper, possibly around the piston itself. Front is fine. Both have very little mileage, wife rarely rides any more. Come get em.
  6. JonF

    Me and my bike gettin' HITCHED!

    NO, not that way. We are getting a lil crazy being cooped up, but it's not that bad yet. However... It's time to to a little trail maintenance to the deepest depths of the "backyard" loop. Neglect, erosion and rot are amongst the things needing addressing. Problem 1: its a little too remote...
  7. JonF

    6MR - which direction?

    6 mi seems to be more or less lollipop shaped with a loop and an out and back (with 2 trails). Which way to you folks suggest is the better direction (CW, CCW?) to do the whole enchilada or does it not matter? There seems to be some direction implied by Trailforks, but often its just related to...
  8. JonF

    Vintage MTB resto: 1980's Ross Force 1/Mt Hood

    A few things first: I am/have/the 1. Original owner since 1983. B. No idea what i'm doing. ???. Measure once, weld twice. IV. Can't believe i still have this. That said, yes, this is technically my first MTB and, also yes, it was bought in the summer of '83 by my father along with a shiny...
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