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  1. gcab

    Thule Big Mouth x2

  2. gcab


    NJ DoH approved high volume Emergency Departments to administer J&J vaccine to non-admitted patients at discharge.
  3. gcab

    Thule Big Mouth x2

    $40 takes both Big mouths and accompanying hardware as well as fork mounted carrier (unsure of full complement of parts). I know there is hardware for the square bars, and probably enough for aero bars. No locks. Located Mercer County but travel to Somerset and Hunterdon regularly.
  4. gcab

    Oil Slick

    I prefer the new edge body style. I have a 99 in chrome yellow. SN95 didn’t do it for me. Didn’t realize the color was that early. The seats are kinda cool though.
  5. gcab

    Oil Slick

    That’s a 99-04 body style, but I think it’s an ugly color.
  6. gcab

    NJ Backcountry Skiing Spots????

    Glad I’ve got my older setup for a rock board. Thanks for the beta.
  7. gcab

    NJ Backcountry Skiing Spots????

    How’s Belle? It’s super close to me. Boot packable? Would be hiking with my board since I don’t have a split.
  8. gcab

    Quarry Park

    Heard that comment on opposition to mtb at baldpate near the end there. Definitely an interesting meeting for sure.
  9. gcab

    Water Company Trails Conditions

    Noticed some new “cheater” stones on the rollers yesterday that made them easier. Also noticed someone changed the last rock garden on yellow loop if going CCW before it reconnects with itself. Pic of Adam and Capers to show what it used to be. This was literally changed between when I rode...
  10. gcab

    Quarry Park

    The quarrying operations on 29 and pleasant valley rd are supposed to cease in spring 2023 and Mercer County is taking over the land for a park. They are holding a planning meeting to see what kind of non traditional park activities can be included. May be an opportunity to lobby for a pump...
  11. gcab

    Water Company Trails Conditions

    Conditions were solid today. The red split close to the power lines was full wet, but blue coming back was good. Yellow was muddy (not fully wet) in the normal spot near the roller rocks, but the rest was good. Trails were easy to follow with the amount of hikers packing the leaves down.
  12. gcab

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    Rode Sunday afternoon before the rain, bottom on the Chunky Monkey side (lower trail 1 and 2) was a little damp in spots, but once you started climbing it was dry. Leaves were ok, brushed some off some alternate line rocks, but overall good. Here is my trailforks ridelog to show you what we...
  13. gcab

    So how do you (finally) buy a new bike?

    I feel like those people mostly bought entry level hard tails, not 3k+ trail bikes though.
  14. gcab

    Backcountry Splitboarding

    I've been considering one for a few seasons now. But for me, its mostly access. If I'm driving 5+ hours to Vermont I want to get as many runs in as possible with the limited number of trips I make. If we lived closer or it was more convenient or I could do it in the poconos, then I would be...
  15. gcab

    Tea Drinker Pro Tips needed

  16. gcab

    Yeti fell off a rack on the way back from Mountain Creek

    Granted my pickup has a smaller bed (5ft), but I have a hitch rack (T2). It has to do with the size of my bed and the fact that with my hard folding tonneau cover down I’d have to take the front wheel off to get the bike in the back under the cover (handlebars don’t fit vertically or diagonally...
  17. gcab

    What have you done to your bike today?

    Replaced my chainring after it blew up on a ride. Was missing a bolt too so did that. Made sure it had loctite on it!
  18. gcab

    Behold! The Future!

    I believe that was Shane McConkey who took water skis and put ski bindings on them for pow skis for freeride.
  19. gcab

    Wissahickon Valley Park, Philly, PA

    Excited about that, it was eroded to all hell. Yeah, just read that after I posted. Should be done soon according to the site which is nice, the top looked really good when I rode past it.
  20. gcab

    Wissahickon Valley Park, Philly, PA

    If anyone is riding here anytime soon, the Bells Mill Monster is currently closed (not sure when its going to reopen), looks like they are re-doing the drainage and trail surface. Can't say it didn't need it, the next climb up just south of the monster is no gimme with loose larger rocks.
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