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  1. robmaurizi

    GONE: Toddler Bed FS

    Hey folks- My little guys have outgrown their toddler beds, so I have one available for anyone who may have a little person who's trying to climb out of a crib, or if you have a pending need for a crib and need to boot someone else out of it. Pix attached... I made it myself. Could use a new...
  2. robmaurizi

    “SOLD”!!! - PRICE REMOVED! FREE Baby Grand Piano!!!

    The time has come that we need to part with our piano. For those interested, here are some specifics & photos. For your consideration: 1930’s Sterling baby grand piano. Approximately 4’6″ wide by 4’9″ long. Perfect for a smaller home, and ideal for a family with piano students. The action was...
  3. robmaurizi

    Any shop hacks to treat this?

    My wife’s rear wheel seems to have a bit of a situation where the hole for the valve is a bit jagged, so it tears the tube right where it joins the valve (see the pic below) It’s a 1991 Trek 6000 26” 3x7, and I’m trying to source a wheel, but I figured I’d ask around to see if anyone knows of a...
  4. robmaurizi

    Dunkerhook parking?

    Hey folks- Wondering if any of the Bergen County folk know about the parking situation for the Saddle River path at Dunkerhook? I'm thinking I could shave a few miles off my daily driving commute and park at one of those lots and bike the rest of the way to work in Ridgewood... Would it be...
  5. robmaurizi

    Another Noob Intro!

    Hi everyone! I'm Rob and I'm new here... I grew up in Jersey then left for the greener mountains of Vermont for school (vowed never to come back), but alas... Been back in the Jerz now for 13 years. I live in Montclair with my wife & 4 boys, and like many it seems on here, am just now getting...
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