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    2022 Walmart Worlds

  2. StayHydrated

    Sir Wiggo Goes Full Send

    Just gonna leave this here for your entertainment...
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    The Cryptocurrency and blockchain thread

  4. StayHydrated

    WTB: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt

    Anyone have an Elemnt Bolt that they're looking to unload? I'm over the Garmin game right now; I have an old Forerunner 405CX that is on its last leg and I'd rather try something that is a) not a watch and b) other than a 500 or 800 series.
  5. StayHydrated

    WTB: Platform Rack for 2" Receiver

    Looking to get off the roof and get a hitch-mount, platform-style rack. Hitch is a 2". Need to be able to haul 2 bikes, not just 1. Am interested in Thule (T2 Pro/T2 Pro XT), but will entertain other ideas for the right price. Get at me with your previously loved racks.
  6. StayHydrated

    Rob Warner "Inspirational Posters"

    "He looks like he's s**t a LEGO Death Star" and other greatest hits, now including inspirational imagery. H/T to CXHairs podcast (as ill-advised as it is to bring up that discipline on this side of the fence, I thought this would be appreciated).
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    2017 NJ CX Cup Schedule

    HELLOOOOOOOO CYCLOCROSS FRIENDS. I have been thinking (v. dangerous, do not try at home) about the Fall and race schedules, especially since CXHairs mentioned the UCI schedule was up. Went and clicked around on some of the regional series sites (PACX, MABRA, Super 8). Saw that schedules seemed...
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    Help, My Rheumaologist is Retiring

    Finding doctors sucks. Finding a good rheumatologist (who isn't totally checked out, doesn't have a shitty staff who hangs up the phone on you, is fairly local, won't mess with your meds if they're working, and is cool with an active lifestyle) is even harder. My pediatric rheumatologist is...
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    WTB: Mavic Freehub, SRAM Cassette

    Looking for: -> Mavic M10/M11 Road Freehub Body (Shimano/SRAM Compatible), requisite spacer(s) to run 10sp cassette a plus if M11 -> SRAM 10sp cassette, prefer PG-1050 (10-26) or similar range...beggars can't be choosers Bonus points if you have both.
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    December 2018: CX Natz In Louisville

    Only an 11 hour drive, yo.
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    Fabric Saddles?

    What is the consensus on Fabric Saddles? Looking at the Line (142mm) as a multi-purpose saddle for CX and road. I've always ever just used whatever saddles were attached to the bike when I got it, and my back end hasn't ever complained too much. Thoughts/feedback/anecdotes...
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    Post your.....cowbell?

    C'mon, I know you've got 'em. It doesn't matter if it's big or small, old or new, an unusual color, If you show me yours, I'll show you mine.... Cowbells. You pervert. They make you pedal faster. With a linear increase in number of cowbells, there is an exponential increase in functional...
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    Cat 5 One-Day License Results Screwups

    The two times I've entered so far, 'cross has turned out to be my own personal version of Whose Line Is It Anyway?.....everything's made up and the points don't matter. I read the jersey pinning thread. I used the steering wheel. I looked good, damnit - downright handsome. Then I put my pain...
  14. StayHydrated

    No Longer Lurking..Now a Member!

    After only being in the state at least part time since starting school in '08 (RU, Durrty Brunz, holla at ya' boy), and lurking the forums for a while, I'm finally a member. I have many bikes and ride all of them with great mediocrity. I've been MTBing since high school - first unsuccessfully...
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