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  1. gcab

    Thule Big Mouth x2

    $40 takes both Big mouths and accompanying hardware as well as fork mounted carrier (unsure of full complement of parts). I know there is hardware for the square bars, and probably enough for aero bars. No locks. Located Mercer County but travel to Somerset and Hunterdon regularly.
  2. gcab

    Quarry Park

    The quarrying operations on 29 and pleasant valley rd are supposed to cease in spring 2023 and Mercer County is taking over the land for a park. They are holding a planning meeting to see what kind of non traditional park activities can be included. May be an opportunity to lobby for a pump...
  3. gcab


    WTB a tray style hitch rack (Kuat Transfer, Thule T2, etc). Have a 2" receiver. Thanks in advance! Edit: Found one, it was for my sister and she got herself one already. There goes my birthday gift idea!
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