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  1. NCHLS.mrz

    looking for a 31.6 x 125 dropper

    Internal, cable actuated, thanks!
  2. NCHLS.mrz

    Got bars?

    I'm looking for a very cheap pair of mtb bars with a backsweep greater than 8º. My current bars are 760mm so that or a bit longer would be fine and give or take 15mm rise. NO CARBON. My idea was having a bar with more backsweep would put less pressure on my thumbs when pedaling along, which...
  3. NCHLS.mrz

    I have a question about shocks.

    Wondering if anyone could explain why lengthening your rear travel wouldn’t work on a full squish. My friend who is relatively new to mountain biking and seems to think you always need more travel was saying he was gonna get a “160mm shock” as opposed to the 150mm he has. I understand that...
  4. NCHLS.mrz

    Anybody got a dropper lever.

    Looking for a dropper lever to replace my broken one. Post is KS but I don’t really think it matters. Show me what you got.
  5. NCHLS.mrz

    What bike shops have small bikes.

    Howdy All, I am wondering if anyone knows of any bike shops that tend to carry smaller bikes as well as mediums and larges. All the bike shops in my area (Montclair) only ever have mediums at the smallest which is inconvenient as I am 5ft tall and my dad who is also looking for a bike is...
  6. NCHLS.mrz

    Nevermind I bought it. (Delete)

    wow you clicked on this? That’s pretty neat. You should have a healthy lunch today. Shred the gnar.
  7. NCHLS.mrz

    Stem and tires.

    For sale are: 2 WTB ranger tires, 27.5 x 2.8. not tubeless but a good spare or something. $20 for both. Cannondale stem: 60mm, 7º rise, 31.6 bars. Good for xc/mellow trail riding. $15 No prices are final, I'll accept offers. If you want more pictures just ask. Pickup in Montclair. Message with...
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