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  1. spindoctor

    Need an old bike to borrow

    Have a really cool huffy timberline womens 3-spd that just needs to be cleaned up. You are welcome to it if you want to pick it up.
  2. spindoctor

    Tip your LBS

    Fyi Here's a tip: Customers that bring in a six-pack of something good ALWAYS move to the front of the line...
  3. spindoctor

    Wanted: Bike for wife.. Hardtail, 16-17"

    Definitely want a hardtail? My wife does not ride her 05 Jamis Dakar, Sz 17.
  4. spindoctor

    "Park bike at your desk"

    It absolutely is not absurd to have a bike at the office. When I used to work on Wall St. (in former life), I worked for a company headquartered in the west village. They had no problem with me bringing the bike in, and the building said OK as long as I came through the freight elevator. The...
  5. spindoctor

    Floor Pump Recommendation?

    Park PFP-3 +1 Serfas FMP-500 +1 We use Serfas FP-200s here at the shop. We are extremely happy with them and the company that stands behind them. In my truck I keep a Serfas FMP-500 and it is indestructible.
  6. spindoctor

    Good pair of shoes for Flatform Pedals

    There is a little rubber piece that peels away on the bottom to reveal the cleat mounts.
  7. spindoctor

    Good pair of shoes for Flatform Pedals

    Sixsixone Filters are the way to go: MSRP is $100, but you can get them for about $70 on the net. They can be used with or without SPDs for clipless. Also...
  8. spindoctor

    Clamp on grips?

    Yes, I find them a bit larger than most and the grooves aren't as big as some of the larger dia. grips like ODIs.
  9. spindoctor

    Clamp on grips?

    Lizard Skin North Shore lock-ons...great for big hands
  10. spindoctor

    Question about Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

  11. spindoctor

    Yo! Road Heads...I need help.

    That is way too high of a price for that old of a road bike.
  12. spindoctor

    Question about Hitch Mounted Bike Racks

    Be aware that the Saris model pictured above was just recalled. If that is the unit that anyone has, please check with them immediately. We don't need to see the tragedy of someone's dualie bouncing down the highway...
  13. spindoctor


    Most shops in the area have it (we do here), it can be bought online at a few sites as well.
  14. spindoctor

    Near Killington

    Don't know if this is the place you are looking for: It's not right off the access road, but is a great little park that is very well maintained. Be aware, can be quite wet after a big rain...
  15. spindoctor

    what pack to get?

    Also take a look at some of the Hydrapack products, price-wise they are on par with Camelback. I feel the functionality is a little better and the bladder is much easier to clean. They also have outstanding customer service and replacement. With most of the larger packs, they come with the...
  16. spindoctor

    What to get for $600?

    Yes, what he said, that is excellent advice. Feel is an often underrated part of purchasing a bike.
  17. spindoctor

    Knee/Shin guard suggestions

    I ride the 661 4x4 and love them. I also used to play hockey and they are very similar to shinpads. Easy to get used to and super comfortable after broken in.
  18. spindoctor

    Allendale Cycle...

    Sorry guys, we switched our website around a few months back and somehow that page got lost. Giant is our primary, we also do Jamis, Haro, Fuji, Eastern, Raleigh and just about every BMX brand under the sun. We also do a fair amount of custom order stuff with alot of the smaller brands.
  19. spindoctor

    Park Tool School or Bike Repair/Maintenance Class

    Talk to your local LBS, closest to your home, you may just get some free lessons. That is what we do. We are a "teaching" bike shop and are happy to show people the ropes. Just make sure you are learning from a certified professional that knows what they are doing.
  20. spindoctor


    That really is wild. I have experienced deer many times in the woods, but never something like that. They usually want nothing to do with us. Sorry you got so freaked.
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