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  1. LandCruiser

    WTB cross goodies for an older Steel build (Midge Bars, wheelset...)

    WTB - On one midge 25.4 bars in black. 700c Wheelset (rim brake) prefer Chris King 9 speed hubs, however open to others. Also need flite Saddle and White Industries ENO Cranks in 170 or 175. This is for an older build, gravel bike. Thanks
  2. LandCruiser

    Long shot - wtb Campagnolo Chorus / record 9/10 speed goods

    Long shot - need a groupset for a late 90's road bike, looking for Silver Chorus or Record 9/10 speed groupset. Pm me if you have something. Thanks
  3. LandCruiser

    SOLD Krampus Black Ops 29er 29+ XL

    Surly Krampus black Ops 29er+ XL for sale. Light use. Has Jones Hbar, however I have the original bars if interested. Relegate bag and bell not included. $1,100 or best offer. I'm in Brick, work in New Brunswick so can meet up through central NJ. '][/URL]
  4. LandCruiser

    WTB - Steel Single Speed 29er XL

    looking for Steel framed Single Speed with 29" rims, its for a friend getting back into mtb so not looking top of the line, something like an On One, Karate Monkey, Haro Mary, Salsa ect...with Steel fork is fine. Probably in the $400 max range. Prefers XL, large may work as well. Pm me if you...
  5. LandCruiser

    WTB - large or xl single speed 29er for son

    I'm looking for a serviceable single speed 29er large or xl. It's for my son who treats his bike like crap so he's not getting a new one :) Pm me if selling anything. I live near Allaire and work in Princeton so easy to meet up in central NJ. Scratches are fine, no dents or cracks...
  6. LandCruiser

    Anyone selling Schwalbe Thunder Burt's?

    Looking to try out a pair of 29 Schwalbe thunder Burt's (2.10) on my all arounder. Anyone selling a lightly used pair? Pm me if so
  7. LandCruiser

    looking to buy a Steel XL Fat bike, maybe even large

    anyone selling an XL Fat Bike, preferably Steel? I could possibly go with a large as well. pm me if you have something. Thanks
  8. LandCruiser

    Wtb - Thule roof rack for 2013 Dodge Durango

    I know the Thule Domistique TH513 fits for sure, however will buy anyone that fits a Durango roof rack. Will be using this one on my wifes car for a road bike. Thanks
  9. LandCruiser

    Wanted - Black Cat 29er SS large XL

    longshot, however thought I would post. looking for a Steel Black Cat 29er, SS version in a larger size. Open to frame or complete bike. in the rare chance to you are selling, pm me.
  10. LandCruiser

    Wtb - vintage steel road with Canti's frame fork or complete

    Looking for a vintage steel touring rig in 59-61cm range. Ok with frame and fork, would prefer complete. I'm checkin CL as well, however if someone has something, pm me.thanks.
  11. LandCruiser

    Bow Season

    Don't wear your Brown spandex out there.
  12. LandCruiser

    Wtb roof racks for a Mini Cooper

    Any happen to have roof racks for a Mini Cooper (2005)? Pm me if by chance anyone is selling. Thanks.
  13. LandCruiser

    WTB - Cross groupset

    Long shot, looking to buy a cross group set in black. I have Canti brakes already, would be nice to get shifters, cranks, bb, and cassette groupset. Prefer SRAM, Shimano or Campagnolo Centaur. PM me if you have anything. Thanks
  14. LandCruiser

    WTB - large steel cross bike

    Looking for a larger sized Steel Cross bike, prefer a 58-59cm st ctc. Vintage steel is fine. PM me if selling. Ritchey or Indy Fab would be nice :)
  15. LandCruiser

    Wanted - Rear 26" wheel w/ ENO hub or will buy wheelset

    I need a rear wheel with ENO hub to convert a bike with vertical drops to SS. I'm using canti's so looking for rim brake. Let me know if you have anything. Pm me please. Thanks
  16. LandCruiser

    Wanted 26" wheelset, fork & parts for 1990's - 2001 build

    I'm building up a late 90's build with 26" wheels and 135 mm spacing, canti brakes. Looking for a wheelset, preferably with Purple or orange hubs. If you have any other garish old annodized parts, i would be interested as well. I could also use a vintage steel fork. the Frame is an XXL, so...
  17. LandCruiser

    Another friend looking for SS 29er complete bike

    i have another friend that does not frequent the forum looking a single speed 29er. He needs a 16" frame and is ok with fully ridgid or front shock. He has at least $600 to spend, maybe more for the right bike. PM me with any details and your email that I can send to him. I can make the...
  18. LandCruiser

    Friend looking for 29er SS 17" range

    Anybody selling a SS 29er in medium range. My friend is looking to buy ASAP. Pm me details. Thanks *****my friend has found his new bike, thanks for all the help ****
  19. LandCruiser

    Beer Taster

    just seeing who is paying attention..sorry..couldn't help myself to much Brooklyn Sorachi Ace...
  20. LandCruiser

    Show us your Ti.s

    My new Ti build...let's see some Ti
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