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  1. mattsrabbit

    H2H WTF race this weekend

    Hey folks, Can anyone give me some insight into the course for this weekend's H2H race? I'm not familiar with it or the trails the race will be held on. How technical is it? What are some of the features, etc. Any insight to prep me would be greatly appreciated!
  2. mattsrabbit

    Longshot - Vitorria Terreno Dry 700x33 tubeless

    Vittoria is completely out of the damn tires I want. Anyone holding new or used set of tubeless Terreno Dry's in 700x33? Or many know a shop that has in stock?
  3. mattsrabbit

    H2H Question?

    I'm not sure if any of you folks are working with any promoters of the individual H2H races but I'm wondering, COVID aside, do you think the sloppy weather will cause race cancellations if it continues?
  4. mattsrabbit

    Delete Please - Looking to buy a 3 bike trunk rack

    Hey folks, looking for a solid 3 bike trunk rack. Something like a Saris Bones 3, Thule Raceway/Paceway, or similar quality rack. I've seen a lot on CL/FB for sale but figured I'd check with you trustworthy folks before I jump into the jungle of internet used market.
  5. mattsrabbit

    Favorite trailside CO2 thingy

    Forgive me if this has been discussed... I have 2 Pro Bike Tool CO2 inflators and they simply suck. The o-ring refuses to stay in and it never seals properly. Do you use a hand pump, CO2 inflator, or both on trail rides? What do you recommend?? Also, jeez they are kinda expensive arent' they?
  6. mattsrabbit

    ISO shimano 105 11 speed road brifters and/or compatible compact chain rings

    Always on the hunt aren't I? As it says above I'm hunting for Shimano 105 brifters and some compatible compact chainrings (50/34) thanks!
  7. mattsrabbit

    Parts bin clean out. Add my stuff to your parts bin!

    Hey folks, gonna put this stuff on Craiglist but figured I'd post here first. I'm in Brooklyn which is a hike for many of you folks, I'm happy to ship at your expense. If any of the prices seem out of line let me know. Also if you want close-up pics of a specific part let me know and let me know...
  8. mattsrabbit

    $350 OBO Thule roof rack system with 2 bike racks, crossbars, keys, and Thule tool

    Thule ARB47 Aero Blade 47” x2 missing one end cap which can be bought online 460R Rapid Foot pack x4 - I’m unsure what car this will be made for. You may need to purchase a separate foot pack for your specific car/roof/rail system Thule outride10 x1 Wheeloff QR front - Does not come with a...
  9. mattsrabbit

    $60 Unused, Uncut, Unmounted Fox 34 Performance Upper Assembly Unit.

    Unused, Uncut, Unmounted Fox 34 Performance Upper Assembly Unit. Black with rubberband/O-Ring. 34 Performance 160mm forks for 27.5” wheels. Damper, internals, lower casting, and axle are not included. Does $60 sound fair? I'm not incredibly familiar with fully rebuilding your suspension and...
  10. mattsrabbit

    inexpensive Clincher, 10 speed compatible, QR CX/Gravel wheels

    Hey folks, I'm looking for a set of inexpensive Clincher, 10 speed compatible, QR CX/Gravel wheels (>17 ID) wheels for my older "just riding along" bike. Ideally in the $200 range. Please let me know if you're holding something that might fit that bill! I'm in NYC but can get around to grab the...
  11. mattsrabbit

    Parts bin clean out

    Selling off some parts bin stuff to help fund my search for an inexpensive steel cross/gravel bike. I'm in Brooklyn but can work out getting it to you if you're not too far away or I'm in your area. Prices are somewhat negotiable $20 Nobby Nic 27.5 x 2.35 used but lots of life left. No...
  12. mattsrabbit

    WTB Steel Cyclocross/Grave/Touring bike 52/53cm

    Hey guys! I'm looking in the NY/NJ/CT area to buy a 52/53cm Steel Cyclocross/Grave/Touring bike in the $700 range. It can be older doesn't need to be disc necessarily, and ideally has a relatively contemporary groupset. Ideally 2x10 or 2x11. I might even entertain a partial build project. Show...
  13. mattsrabbit

    ISO 54cm cx/touring style frame set

    I'm thinking of starting a new summer project. Is anyone selling an inexpensive steel cross/touring/rando frameset? Ideally 54cm, can be rim brake or disc. Can be vintage or newer. Used or new. I don't have a big budget for this so definitely not looking for anything above the Surly and possibly...
  14. mattsrabbit

    CO2... why's it so darn expensive?

    Where do you folks buy your CO2 cartridges? I just feel like they're more expensive than they need to be and I need to reload my stores of them
  15. mattsrabbit

    Stages Dash Computer NIB

    Anyone need a bike computer with no maps capabilities? I know this is definitely not the right crowd for non-mapping but I bought a Gen 1 NIB Stages Dash that isn’t going to work for what I thought. Super cheap and open to trades for various stuff I need. Comes with out front mount and stuff...
  16. mattsrabbit

    XC race bike upgrades

    Hey folks, so with all the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals pouring in I'm looking to do some small upgrades to my hardtail XC bike. Sadly I can't afford to buy a new FS bike so smaller changes to help me be competitive is all I can afford. I'm going to upgrade my chain/cassette/ring so I'm...
  17. mattsrabbit

    Craftsman Cordless Inflator

    ISO Craftsman Inflator parts! Hey Folks, so I have a craftsman inflator, and love it but damaged a small part (the brass fitting inside the hose as it connects to the inflator itself). So I wants to see if anyone might have an old inflator they don't use anymore or doesn't work anymore and...
  18. mattsrabbit

    Pretty Sweet frame!

    NOT BEING SOLD BY ME!!!! Found on Craigslist, thought I'd share with you folks Living X Aluminum Frame Central Jersey
  19. mattsrabbit

    Looking for internship sites in NYC for my students!

    Hey guys! So i'm a counselor and teacher at Winston Transitions in Manhattan. Transitions is a transitional program for students with learning disabilities who are having a hard time transitioning to what ever is next for them. What's next is usually college, trade school or entering the work...
  20. mattsrabbit

    Any classic rock fans?

    Some shameless self promotion! Scott Diedenbach from the podcast BikeShopCX on Bill Sheiken's Wide Angle Podium network (lotta name dropping) just recorded super rad podcast full of deep dives into 2 of the best Volume 4's in music. Led Zeppelin Vol 4 and Black Sabbath Vol 4. Packed with little...
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