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  1. jimicoltrane

    Please school me on Nassau Trail (High Bridge)

    I'm getting up early and heading to Nassau Trail tomorrow morning. I'm pretty new on the MTB. When I rode at 6 mile a couple of weeks ago someone here was kind enough to "map" me out a route. I'd appreciate any route and other tips you all could provide. I'm looking to ride 6-8 miles +/-...
  2. jimicoltrane

    Saris Bones two bike trunk mounted carrier

    Very good condition. $60. In Bridgewater.
  3. jimicoltrane

    Newbie in Somerset County seeking other novice riders

    This is my first year riding a mountain bike and tomorrow, 5/17, will be my first real ride. Going to ride trails at 6 mile run in Franklin Township (Somerset County) NJ. If there are other novice riders out there who'd like to join me tomorrow at a future date shoot me a private message.
  4. jimicoltrane

    Got hitched today!

    The last piece is in place. Tomorrow we're hitting the road!
  5. jimicoltrane

    Went on my first legit trail ride today

    Took my new bike (Salsa Timberjack 27.5+) out for the first time today. It was the first time I've ever ridden a mountain bike other than up and down my cul de sac and across my lawn a bit. I live in Bridgewater and there is a small grouping of trails called Middlebrook Trail between...
  6. jimicoltrane

    Unfortunately, I just gained a lot of time to learn how to ride a MTB

    I got into into bike riding in 1997 after being off the bike for about 20 years. The thing that brought me back was participating in 200+ mile charity rides, first the Boston -> NY AIDS rides and, for the last 14 years, the YSC Tour de Pink benefiting young breast cancer survivors...
  7. jimicoltrane

    Got the bike. Now I need a bike rack.

    When I picked up my new Salsa TJ a few days ago, Jason noticed that I had a Saris Bones bike rack on my VW GTI and shared that he didn't think it was suited for the car. I'd had it for a few years and I guess never checked when I got the VW. Turns out he was right. I recognize that roof and...
  8. jimicoltrane

    Newbie in Bridgewater seeking new friends and destinations

    Hi all, I just bought my first mountain bike today (Salsa Timberjack 27.5+), have pedals, shoes, a new helmet, and shorts en route, and was told about this forum. I'm 61 and an intermediate road bike rider. I can do centuries without issue but don't love steep ascents. My goal on the...
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