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    Summer MTB Camps/Trips for Middle Schoolers?

    We sent our older daughter on an Overland road biking trip, but our 7th grade son might be interested in a mountain biking summer experience. Anyone have any experience with any well run programs with 1-3 week mountain biking camps or trips? Any help you can provide is most appreciated!
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    MTB Wheel Re-threading

    Hi. I have a wheel that has its hub replaced for a SS, but I want to switch back to the geared hub. Need someone to re-thread the wheel with the old (perfectly new) hub. Same rim, same spokes, same everything. Anyone a wheelsmith who can help for a reasonable sum?
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    Salsa Timberjack/SC Chameleon/Trek Roscoe - Have one we can try for sizing?

    My son and I are both thinking of getting new hardtails and we have triangulated to 3 bikes. Santa Cruz Chameleon, Salsa Timberjack and Trek Roscoe. Of course, with the current dearth of bikes, there are none out there we can even sit on for sizing purposes. Wondering if anyone has one in...
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    Advice Wanted - Kid's MTB to Buy

    Hi. I have a 12 year old who is 4'10" and should move up to a small sized 26" bike from the cheap-o 24" Raleigh I got him a few years ago online. He's a strong but smaller rider who loves the jumps, etc. I would really appreciate suggestions of what reasonably priced bikes (new or used) we...