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  1. Off The Road Again

    Any Parks closed due to Covid-19?

    Does anyone know if any parks are officially closed due to this virus? Asking because I may want to steal away a few hours from working from home to go for a ride. I don't want to drive to a park that is closed (I live in Central Jersey). I've seen posts of Waway, HM, and Wildcat of people...
  2. Off The Road Again

    DirtFest, WVA

    I'm going to DirtFest next weekend in Bruceton Mills, W.VA. Never been, trails look fun, just curious if anyone's ridden there before and wondering if their 'difficulty' level is similar to our trails in Jersey? Difficulty is a regional thing, it seems. Thanks!
  3. Off The Road Again

    What happened to the bridge on White??

    Rode CR on Monday, to my surprise the bridge at the beginning of White was gone!! It definitely wasn't washed away since we haven't had any storms. And, based on previous posts, this bridge is very heavy, so it must have required a lot of stupid people to move it.
  4. Off The Road Again

    Watchung Reservation - Leagal to ride?

    Is it now legal to ride Watchung? A guy I was riding with at Chimney Rock told me they've lifted the ban on mtb there. Is this true? Great news if it is, I've wanted to ride there but didn't think it was worth a fine or bike impound. I know there's been groups lobbying to open Watchung and South...
  5. Off The Road Again

    Attention Cheater Line Trail Builders

    Out at the Rock today, I noticed some cheater lines that are starting to get more use. In particular, on the Red climb out of Newman's lot has 2, and Yellow approach trail to High Tech has one. Please refrain from creating/ using these cheater lines. It may seem to be an easier line, but the...
  6. Off The Road Again

    Mtn. Creek H2H Race Results

    I've been curious to find the results of this past race since it's been a couple weeks. So I Googled it, and it seems every category except Mens Cat2 40-49 have scores and times that make sense. My category (Cat2 40-49) is an utter mess! Can't make heads or tails of the lap times. Finishing...
  7. Off The Road Again

    Sedona, AZ

    For those interested in cracking off the icicles, there's a multi-day ride planned in Sedona, AZ April 12-16. I'm going with a couple others, and trail descripts look like cat's pajamas so I'm hoping some of you folk might wanna attend to ride along and shred some pretty intense trails from what...
  8. Off The Road Again

    Weekend rides 3/8 and 3/9

    Anyone know of a trail system that'll be remotely rideable this weekend? It's going to be in the upper 40's so most places will be a mess and I don't want to wreck the trails. Mud riding = closed trails. Does anyone think Round Valley or Harteshorne might be in decent shape? Thanks for any feedback
  9. Off The Road Again

    Jungle Habitat, 9:00 Sat 7/27

    Hey all- riding JH Saturday morning. Know the trails pretty well but a tour guide would surely not be turned away, if nothing more than good company. Meet at gate 8:45 for start. Probably head up Animal Chute and go to Warthog, Otter Slide, etc.
  10. Off The Road Again

    Deer Park ride Sun 12/2

    Anyone up for a ride at Deer Park this coming Sunday? I know the park real well and am surprised I don't know the Rogue trail!!:( So- I'm looking forward to finding that trail and check it out!:) Plan to start riding at 9:00a.m. from first lot. Start time can be changed as I'm free all day so...
  11. Off The Road Again

    Trail Conditions?

    Anyone able to report on the conditions of our beloved trails?? I may take a look-see at Chimney Rock or Six Mile on Sunday (closest places I can get to without burning too much gas). Please post any updates here, and by all means post trail maintenance schedules, more than happy to give back...
  12. Off The Road Again

    Round Valley Saturday 10/27

    If anyone's interested, I plan to ride Round Valley Saturday with a start time of around 11:00a.m. I'm hiking there at 9:00 with a friend who's leading a group hike from "9-10", so after the hike I want to get on the saddle and ride! Meet me at the first parking lot after the gate around 11, I...
  13. Off The Road Again

    Sprain Ridge, NY 10/13

    Just throwing this out there, really fun place to ride with enough challenging sections to keep you coming back. I plan on being there so come out and join us!!!! Fall Ride, BBQ, and Beer Event at Sprain - 10/13 9am-2pm - hosted by WMBA We're kicking off the Fall riding season with a...