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  1. Rozack

    Congrats to skiphreaknj and deathmetalance!

    Post up a picture!:)
  2. Rozack

    Bicyclist in Calif. Climb to Kaiser ride dies Bicyclist in Calif. Climb to Kaiser ride dies By JOHN S. MARSHALL | Associated Press – 1 hr 3 mins ago SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A Southern California man taking part in what is considered one of America's most grueling...
  3. Rozack

    BMW launch new bike

    Any dealers in NJ going to carry these? BMW launch new bike By BikeRadar BMW's new Cruise Bike comes in a vivid orange colour inspired by the 1970s BMW 1802 ( View Thumbnail Gallery When car makers BMW announced plans to release an M Series bicycle earlier this...
  4. Rozack

    Tour de France Pick your team!

    Choose your colors!
  5. Rozack

    Tour divide rider Dave Blumenthal killed by a car in Denver!

    Sorry to here this.
  6. Rozack

    Crazy Red Bull sponsored bike run. Crazy Run, Crazy People, Crazy Steps!

    Looks like fun!
  7. Rozack

    Trail Directory

    How about expanding the Trail Directory to include some Drivable Places outside NJ.:hmmm:
  8. Rozack

    Steel vs Aluminum frames?

    Thinking of moving up to a Hardtail 29er. What is the advantages or disadvantages of steel vs aluminum bike frames? I mainly ride North Jersey Trails. Thanks.:hmmm:
  9. Rozack

    Columbia Trail in good condition.

    Since all the trails are mess, I decided to ride the Columbia trail from Long Valley to High Bridge and back. Was surprised at the condition. All wash outs repaired and trees removed. It was a good way to get to bike moving again.
  10. Rozack

    Proposed Morris County hiking, biking trail gets $1.9M in federal funds Proposed Morris County hiking, biking trail gets $1.9M in federal funds By Lawrence Ragonese/The Star-Ledger November 15, 2009, 7:30AM MORRIS COUNTY -- A proposed six-mile hiking and biking trail that would run...
  11. Rozack

    Deer hunting season has begun in Morris County parks

    Deer hunting season has begun in Morris County parks. Star Ledger. Lewis Morris closure dates. 12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27, 2/3, 2/10, Park & Trails Closed Here's the link to dates at all...
  12. Rozack

    Yankees or Phillies?

    Since the world series splits our state declare your colors! Yankees or Phillies?:hmmm: Met fans please stay under your rock!
  13. Rozack

    Interesting road biking article.

    Interesting Bike article from todays Daily Record.:popcorn:
  14. Rozack

    Rope blocking yellow trail?

    Was at LM today there is a ropes blocking the creek crossing at the start of the yellow trail forcing you across the little bridge there. Are we messing up the creek?:hmmm:
  15. Rozack

    Maine man killed in W. Pa. mountain bike crash

    FYI MONDAY AUGUST 24, 2009 :: Last modified: Sunday, August 23, 2009 11:29 PM EDT Cyclist found dead near Bradys Run Park By Michael Pound, Times Staff BRIGHTON TWP. — A mountain biker was killed...
  16. Rozack

    Beginner rides at Deer Park and Morris Lewis

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. Does anyone have info or done the Marty's beginner rides at Deer Park and Morris Lewis. How long do they last and how far? Trying to learn those area's. Thanks.