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  1. Jmann

    Anyone Ride a Niner these Days

    I completely forgot about niner, seems like everyone was riding them a few years back. I had an rlt9, didn’t do anything for me. It was replacing my jake the snake, which ended up with a bent chainstay. The bikes were fairly similar on paper, so I can’t explain why I loved my jake the snake so...
  2. Jmann

    Hot Waxing chain

    Wow, you guys are really taking chain maintenance into OCD territory.
  3. Jmann

    Generic Pro Road Cycling Thread

    I would be happy if all the pros races ended up on gcn. Tired of the multiple services and euro bootleg streams. I find the videos gcn puts out pretty entertaining, would be nice to have a service that actually focuses on cycling and not a hundred different sports at once. Gcn seems like they...
  4. Jmann

    Biggest crash in stock market history?

    Yeah, I had thought it was up for legitimate reasons, not meme hype, wasn’t happy to trace it back to wsb. I got out because I’m guessing it’s going to drop considerably enough to reinvest with what I got out at. I tripled my investment so I’m fine with it.
  5. Jmann

    Crankset advice needed

    Along with looking at any adapters you may potentially need from Wheels mfg, you should check out their Threaded press fit bb. If you’ve had creaking issues like most press fit bottom brackets have, this will solve it.
  6. Jmann

    Biggest crash in stock market history?

    So researching why my “pot” stocks were skyrocketing, I found out it was WSB, who turned their attention to cannibis. I also found out that the stocks being traded are actually Canadian, so aren’t directly related to whether it gets legalized in the US. Needless to say I closed all my positions...
  7. Jmann

    Bottom Bracket Identification help for old Road Bike

    FYI- be careful with that frame. Older lugged carbon frames are known to come unglued over time.
  8. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    2/8 1:03 0.5 point More Zwift before my second vaccination shot. It’s funny how steady efforts even at low wattages can feel uncomfortable.
  9. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    2/5 2/7 1:04 1:01 1 point in zwiftland Not regretting riding indoors, it’s a slushfest out there.
  10. Jmann

    How to slacken HTA on Niner RKT RDO?

    Cane creek and wolf tooth both make adjustable headsets, but not in your size. I have no idea if they can be made to work with your frame. Not sure of your fork model, but you could possibly bump your fork up to 130mm. I wouldn’t mess with the shock. I think your best bet is to get a dropper...
  11. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    2/3 1:15 0.5 More Zwift. Getting boring already.
  12. Jmann

    God I love Craigslist.......

    Come on Barbie, let’s go party
  13. Jmann

    Ask an automobile mechanic.

    I have a friend who’s a Toyota tech, he gets yelled at constantly for not upselling. At this point he just has the job for the benefits, makes more money doing brake jobs/easy stuff out of his home garage.
  14. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    2/1 1:00 0.5 points Gonna be zwiftin for the foreseeable future.
  15. Jmann

    The Sober Shredder Thread

    So as it seems I’m actually making it til February, I’ll share my findings. I decided to try to go dry for the month because of habits I got into in the last few years. Although I fortunately grew out of my binge drinking days, I usually had 1-3 drinks everyday for 2-3 years. The only negative...
  16. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    1/31 1:03 1 point, plus bonus 1, plus bonus from yesterday: 3 points I finally scrolled back to read the rules. Yesterday: Fidler Wyckoff house, 1652. Today: Lefferts historical house, 1783
  17. Jmann

    I think I'm done with Fox dropper posts

    That’s the first thing I’m going to try. I thought I had it torqued correctly but remembered I adjusted it during a ride with a multi tool.
  18. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    The of approach of the whale looked icy, and I had no idea what condition the roll out was in, so I decided to skip it. I hit that area early and didn’t realize how well the snow was riding at that point. Which vert rock? I did every roller I came across. There’s a huge drop there I won’t do...
  19. Jmann

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    1/30 :50 Zwift 1:02 real world 1 point? I was planning on doing an hour of Zwift but the wife ordered food so I pulled the plug at 50 minutes to avoid paying for cold food. I’m usually late to figure out what the bonuses are, but saw the fidler wyckoff post and realized I’m not too far. Also I...