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  1. JerseyPete

    Air Compressor 33 gallon vertical $150 Bergen County

    I am cleaning up and I am tired of moving this around. It is at least 15 years old and I have used it about a dozen times. I am the original owner. I bought it for a project and should have unloaded it when I was done. It was always drained after each use. I looked up the model # 919.68700 and...
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    Waste of my time website

    Besides Zillow looking at this: or Controller looking at this: or Bring a trailer for this...
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    Ethan Allen baby/children furniture

    Ethan Allen items: Country Colors series, all Autumn Maple finish. These items were purchased in 2002 and 2004. Furniture set was used by only one child, and is in overall very good condition. There are some scratches and a nick on the side of the rocking chair arm which is not noticeable...
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    If this has been covered in another post, please delete this post. I saw that @phillychris498 posted a pic of a rattlesnake ( ) and wanted to suggest that those who see them let the state know. They...
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    Trail name?

    What is the name of the trail with the high stack of rocks? I went up Hippo and made a left onto it. Then crossed the gas line into another area and back.
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    Caterham electric fat bikes Would this be a moped, with the pedals?
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    MX80 pedals

    Does anyone ride their MTB with the Shimano MX80 pedals? Any quality or service issues? I am thinking of giving them a try. I've done clipless and had knee issues, so I am looking at these to replace the "rat traps and straps" I currently use.
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    Subaru alignment in Bergen County?

    Any recommendations for a Subaru alignment in Bergen County? I know some folks here have had Subarus. It needs tires, so I figure tires and alignment maybe somewhere other than the dealer.
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    Cannonball rock garden getting moved and smoothed

    There is a short rock garden on Cannonball, south of the lake and north of the 287 bridge. I noticed the rocks are getting removed and moved to make it smoother and less technical. This part of the trail starts by a small stream and lasts about 75 feet going up towards the lake. There is a...
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    How many of you ride solo and how often?

    Between the posts of rattlesnakes and wild life, it brings up riding habits of solo or groups. I ride by myself well over 50% of the time. I know people that refuse to ride alone for different reasons. I know some will only ride alone if a ride is planned and others bail out. And there are some...
  15. JerseyPete

    First time Deer Park, two questions

    I went to Deer Park today after work to check it out. First question is parking. I took Deer Park Rd to the first parking area (by some trail heads and an out house). Is there better parking elsewhere? I know just south of rt 80 there is a school, but the parking there looked packed as something...
  16. JerseyPete

    Cougars, here we go again. :popcorn: BTW, a bobcat can take down an adult deer too and NJ has those.
  17. JerseyPete

    Waywayanda Sunday morning

    I will be wandering around Waywayanda Sunday morning. Will I run into anyone from here, there?
  18. JerseyPete

    Mount Olive area

    There are people I work with who are directly involved with Mt Olive HS. They recently had a competition to hurl pumpkins and took first place: Now they stand to get some grants if they are voted for. From my...
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    How many adjust fork while riding?

    I've seen remote adjust and the standard knob/lever on the fork tube adjust. Some sales people say the ability to adjust while riding is a must. For those with remote on the bars or the lever thing on their fork, how often do any of you use it while riding? All the times I've seen people...
  20. JerseyPete

    Camp grounds in Stephens

    Has anyone camped there? I may take my 8 year old and some of his buddies there. Anyone been there and can say good/bad/ugly? Thanks.