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  1. Paul H

    Santa Cruz Internal Cable Routing

    My shifting has become a bit cumbersome on my 2018 Hightower C and waiting to change the cable and the housing. I was told that Santa Cruz frames have a permanent path internally done for cable routing. Before I pull shit out of my bike only to regret later... can someone confirm this internal...
  2. Paul H

    This has to be a mistake right? $100 for frame only It says only M available... if I was a M, I think I would prolly give it a try
  3. Paul H

    For Sale Rockshox SID

    Rockshox SID Charger RL 100 travel 29er tapered boost: $350 OBO Pick up in Wayne 07470
  4. Paul H

    27.5+ is Dead!

    So sell me your L boost hardtail frame for pennies on the dollar!
  5. Paul H

    XD Driver for Shimano XT hub?

    My google search tells me there is no XD driver for a Shimano hub... but in case I missed something.... is there an XD driver that can be installed on a Shimano XT hub?
  6. Paul H

    ISO: 29er Hardtail Frame in S Tapered Headtube and Boost

    A buddy of mine wrecked his bike today. Had it on a roof rack and went thru a drive thru at Dunkin Donuts. Cracked the headtube. Looking for a 29er hardtail with tapered headtube with boost spacing and disc brakes so we can move over the parts. Has 120 fork. Not looking for anything fancy as he...
  7. Paul H

    ISO: Cheap 700c rim brake roadie qr rear wheel

    With 10spd HG hubs. Lmk Thanks!
  8. Paul H

    Is there a HR monitor watch?

    that can connect with a Garmin head unit for cheap?
  9. Paul H

    ISO: Stans Alpha 340 32h Rim/Wheel

    Anyone got a Stans Alpha 340 32h rim or wheel sitting around that they would like to get rid off for pennies on the dollar?
  10. Paul H

    ISO: XC/Trail 29 Tires

    Wanting to experiment with some XC/Trail tires. Been riding Schwalbe Nobby Nic mostly and wanted to try out some lighter (bit more XC orientated) tires without spending a boatload of cash just to find out I don't like them. Anyone have some used matching pair or good combo of XC/Trail tubeless...
  11. Paul H

    Have you gained weight?

    I'm scared to weigh myself. Being home... I can't stop eating!
  12. Paul H


    Just heard on the news this morning that they are checking a possible case of coronavirus in NYC. Supposedly someone who traveled to Italy.
  13. Paul H

    Spokes... Where do you buy?

    The last set of spokes, I bought them off eBay yojimbosgarage that @serviceguy told me about. Nothing wrong with them but just wondering if there are other reliable sources. Gracias!
  14. Paul H

    Who are you?

    ... as a mtb rider in terms of these 3 categories as beginner, intermediate and expert. I'll start... Experience: 5yrs Fitness: beginner Mtb skills: intermediate but I can't manual or bunny hop so I may need to downgrade to beginner. Fear factor: beginner This is sad... considering I've been...
  15. Paul H

    WTB Shimano 9 Spd XT RD M772

    Looking for a M772 9spd XT RD.... hopefully in NNJ. Thanks in advance. M772
  16. Paul H

    WTB: Medium 29er Hardtail for $500 Tops

    Looking for a M sized 29er HT for a friend. Looking to spend $500 tops. $400 is preferable tho. Please let me know what you have.
  17. Paul H

    Trade: Shimano M530 for M520

    Anyone wants to trade? My M530 for your M520?
  18. Paul H

    Computer (Mac) Question

    Seems like there are quite a few technical ppl on here... I have a 7yo MacBook Pro. Should prolly get a new computer but I am too cheap and would rather upgrade my bikes. Anyways... it becomes unresponsive with the spinning circle and sometimes without and just freezes. Restart takes forever and...
  19. Paul H

    Bike for THE Noob!

    Ok... I suckered... convinced a friend of mine to start cycling. Of course, I would want him to MTB but I realized this may not be his cup of tea. I "think" he would enjoy mtb... but who knows? He has committed to buying a bike and will buy whatever I recommend. This is a heavy weight on my...
  20. Paul H

    Hitch Lock

    Has anyone had their bike rack stolen off your car? I am not talking about in the inner cities but at the trail lots and whatnot. Just wondering if I need to have a lock on the hitch.... which btw looks pretty flimsy on picture.