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    Bear incident at the Jungle

    differt attack ? is this a different attack ???
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    i b new

    where i b hi, pearl river is about 2 miles from the palisades mall in a south westerly direction.
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    i b new

    hi, so i be new. been mtn biking a long time. but don't go often enough and therfore not as strong as i should be.. orig from long island. so have done rocky point (great place, but u do need a dec permit, which is free) and cathedral pines (similar to rocky point but only a 6 mile loop). wish...
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    RVCC Ringwood ride Sunday

    thnks + motionbased link hi, had a nice ride. Thanks. Put my gps info of ride up on best to set ur self up with an account,it's free. if u don't u can only get a static shot of the ride... well when in click on 'TrailNetwork' then Search for mtnbikerprophet (say username as...