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  1. RickVaughn

    Gaming Laptop: Acer Predator 17. i7-7700hq GTX1070 8gb - $850 with extras!

    Hey all, I have a casually used Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop for sale. This thing is a monster and was purchased just under 3 years ago for $1749 from amazon. Asking $850 Other specs include 256gb SSD with a 1tb HDD. 16GB ram, 17.3" 75hz 1080p display. This computer is a tank and weighs in...
  2. RickVaughn


    Lock it up! Found a bike Hey all, My GF is looking to get into biking cuz she can't go to the gym and hates that I get to go outside and play. She's probably looking in the $400-500 range but that just cuz I lied about how much I spent on my bike. Has to be small frame with 650 or 29 wheels...
  3. RickVaughn

    Free crappy shimano drivetrain

    drivetrain off my old bike. entry level shimano stuff. altus maybe? idk if its even all there and not sure what it's good for but figured i'd offer it up before throwing it away 8-speed cass mech shifty(s) bb cranks 3x rings rusty chain front mech maybe...
  4. RickVaughn

    Sea sucker rack

    Anyone use sea sucker racks? Just bought one because I don't want to mount bars to my new car but I'm really nervous about this thing. Strapping a brand new bike to my brand new car isn't the most appealing thought but it's either this or a hitch. This hot wheels lookin box doesn't make me feel...
  5. RickVaughn

    2016 Specialized Pitch with upgradessss (medium) - SOLD

    Gone! Hey guys, got a really cool bike for sale to help pay for project yeti. This is a 100% customized Specialized Pitch, 27.5, medium, alloy frame trail rockin rootin tootin singletrack slaying hardtail Kind of important note: bike currently has no brakes. If you want a complete bike we can...
  6. RickVaughn

    2015 Commencal Meta Trail (M) - 27.5, Industry 9 wheels, Fox dropper, ULTIMATE TRAIL BIKE - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey guys, I've got one of the best trail setups for you but I'm making the switch to 29er and this baby's gotta go. Overview 2015 Commencal Meta Trail (Medium), 27.5", 130mm fork, 120mm shock, Sram 11 speed, i9 wheels Geometry: Seat tube 440mm Effective top tube 600mm Head tube...
  7. RickVaughn


    edit: no longer need wheels
  8. RickVaughn

    2014 Specialized Crux 54cm disc brakes - SOLD

    Sold. For sale is my 2014 Specialized Crux. 54cm alloy frame with a carbon fork. Comes with hydraulic disc brakes! Not may 2014 and older cross bikes came with discs so take advantage while you can This is a fantastic bike that I just never really ride. Took it out to Lewis Morris and Tourne...
  9. RickVaughn

    Winter Tires - Bridgestone Blizzak 245/40/18 4k Miles $250

    Hey friends, reviving this post from last season. I'm selling a set of very good condition Bridgestone Blizzak WS70s. The size is 245/40/18 and the tires have about 4,000 miles on them. They are extremely lightly used and were installed on my mother's Audi A4 for about 3 years. Her commute is...
  10. RickVaughn

    PS4 - SOLD

    SOLD Hey guys, I'm selling my original PS4. It's black, 500GB and in good condition. I just upgraded to the PS4 Pro so this is just sitting in my room and needs to go. Comes with all cables and a controller that is like-new. Bought it right before getting a Scuf so it's hardly been used. Will...
  11. RickVaughn

    XL and Cheap!

    No, not your girlfriend. Friend is looking for a "fitness" bike. You know, bike path, around town, maybe light off-road. Probably an XL and doesn't want to spend over $500. We'll be checking out some shops this week but I figured I'll see what everyone has in their garage.
  12. RickVaughn

    What fitness tracker do you use?

    My Fitbit blaze crapped out on me and they're refusing to warranty it since it's outside the extremely short 1-year warranty. What do you wear and how's it hold up? At this point I only really use it for steps, heart rate and time. Exercise modes are just a bonus.
  13. RickVaughn

    SOLD X-Fusion Fork: 27.5, Straight Steerer, QR, 100-140mm

    Sold on ebay Hey guys, just replaced the fork I used to replace the stock fork on my 2016 specialized pitch. Up for sale is a X-Fusion Streat 100-140mm straight steerer with QR dropouts. The fork was ordered on June 28, 2016 and not installed until after July 15th since I was still ordering...
  14. RickVaughn

    Best Deal Ever or Biggest Scam

    Came across what could be the best deal ever or the absolute worst scam in the world. This SLX brakeset on Ebay is listed for $22. According to the listing it's a complete set of M675s, new condition, pre-bled and "ready to ride." It's the scammiest looking post but with ebay protection, free...
  15. RickVaughn

    Beer BBQ Bacon Showdown

    Anyone going to this on Saturday? General admission starts at 1 so I figure I can get a good ride in before I pig out.
  16. RickVaughn

    WTB 27.5 Wheelset or Fork

    Hey all, I'm looking for one of these super specific items that probably nobody has. 1) Wheels, 27.5, standard QR F/R, 6-bolt, with a 10-speed freehub body and not a plain black rim. Sub $300 2) Fork, 27.5, 15x100, STRAIGHT STEERER (ugh), 100mm travel. I'd prefer the wheels since my fork is...
  17. RickVaughn

    SOLD - 2013 Giant XTC Composite 29er 3 - Medium

    SOLD For sale today is a 2013 Giant XTC Composite 29er 3. The bike is stock and in pretty good shape. See below for specs and pics. Full specs here: Fork: RS Recon Gold TK with 15mm thru-axle. 100mm travel Seatpost: 30.9 Shifters...
  18. RickVaughn

    Freebie: 700c Trainer Tire

    Hey guys, I've got a Vittoria Zaffiro 700x23 training tire for whoever claims it first. Tire is brand new. I stuck it on a rim but didn't have a tube that was small enough so I pulled it off. Unfortunately I also threw away the box so I can't return it. It's free if you come pick it up. I...
  19. RickVaughn

    Gnarliest place you've ridden

    Hey guys, I just impulse bought a cross bike because...well, it was Monday...anyway, just wondering: what's the toughest terrain you can ride on these things? I know 6 mile and Allaire should be fine. I can probably get away with Lewis Morris too. Anything else in the North/Central area?
  20. RickVaughn

    WTB Clipless Pedals

    anyone got some cheap SPD pedals? looking for shimano xt (xc style) but will look at others