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  1. cem

    Salsa Spearfish with XT group

    2011 Spearfish, EV-6 Aluminum Alloy Color: Green Machine Size: Large / 20.0″ Shock:RockShox Monarch R Air Shock, Black Fork:RockShox Reba RL 29'er, QR, Tapered Steerer, Black Headset: Cane Creek Tapered ZS, Black 2011 Shimano XT Group Wheels: Shimano MT75 29Er...
  2. cem

    FS: Womans Road bike

    Giant OCR Composite Womens XXS road bike (650 wheel) Resurrecting this post from the dead. Never sold... so its still available! This is my GF's road bike, low mileage, around 900-1200 miles and basement kept. Frame Size: XXS Frame...
  3. cem

    FS: Road bike Cannondale CAAD 4 56cm

    SOLD!! Only have a MT bike...and a little road curious? No crashes or accidents shows wear and scratches from storage and normal use. I was going to keep this as my sloppy weather bike, but my cross bike has become that. I just don't have the room to keep it. For Sale R2000 Cannondale CAAD 4...
  4. cem

    FS Thule 1¼ hitch mount bike rack

    For Sale Thule 1¼ hitch mount bike rack for two bikes. I don't remember the exact model number, but is very similar if not exactly the as the current 917XTR. Cosmetically its showing some age, but functionally works like a champ. I'm replacing it with something that stores a little bit...
  5. cem


    Manufacturer: Salsa Product: Spearfish How Long Used: 2 hours 45 minutes Similar Products Used: C-dale RUSH & 1FG Overall Rating [1-10]: 8.77 Positive: So far this bike is living up to the hype. Likes to go down hill fast. Climbs better then my RUSH standing, but seated seems the way to...
  6. cem

    Spring cleaning Thule, Nite Rider

    Thule fork mounts with keys/locks (sorry two different) and wheel holders (one is missing strap). $30 These are old and show age, but work. I've had them since before disc brakes ruled, so I'm not sure if there is any compatibility issues there. They DO fit road bikes...
  7. cem


    didn't see this posted and haven't heard mention of this here... so here goes Just watched "Klunkerz" the other day. Its documentry about the early days of mountain biking in Marin county CA told through a mix of interviews, archival footage and photos. Has similar vibe as Dogtown and Z-Boys...
  8. cem

    Good price on Mountain Creek Season's Pass

    If you forgot renew your pass, before the price jump like i did. You can still get the pre-october 8th pricing. Vernon P.A.L. is offering reduced prices on 2007/2008 Season Passes through an annual fundraiser. The only drawbacks are you have to drive to the Vernon PAL (not far from MT Creek)...
  9. cem

    hutchinson / Barracuda Tubeless Light

    Manufacturer: hutchinson Product: Barracuda Tubeless Light 26x2.1 How Long Used: 6 Months Similar Products Michelin Wildgripper XLs Tubeless, Wildgripper Front S Tubeless Overall Rating [1-10]: 8 Positive: Great traction in all conditions, very predictable. 2.1 run wide closer to a 2.2 if...
  10. cem

    Ringwood Ride 11/11 @10:00

    RINGWOOD starting from LOT C Saturday, 11/11 @10:30 AM (start time is flexible) About 2-3 hour ride, 12-16 miles.
  11. cem

    Last minute ride: RINGWOOD/LOT C, 11/4 @10:30

    Last minute ride RINGWOOD Today, 11/4 @10:30, LOT C 2-2.5 hours 10-12 miles or more...
  12. cem

    GOOD shock pump?

    Can any one recommend a good shock pump. My $19.99 nashbar special seems to be failing. Looking for acurate, consistent and minimal air loss
  13. cem

    KVSP @10:00 / Sun 10/22

    Kittatinny Valley State Park @ 10:00 2-3 hours at a gentlemen's pace. don't know KVSP that well, so no epic loop mapped out. hopefully ytc100 will show up to give a proper tour...
  14. cem

    Bike: ruSHHhhh

    Second ride on the new C-dale Rush and so far so great! My old squishy bike was a jekyll: -Climbed OK -Descended pretty darn good -Handled the twistys as expected My other bike is a C-dale 1FG: -Climbs well (if you got enough leg) -Descends OK -Flies through tight twistys like super...