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    Campmor H2H Ringwood Race

    Although I could not be there due to a lingering sickness, in 13 years of racing and 12 years of race promotion I've seen quite a few things. We've (Team Bulldog) had to start races late due to the ambulance arriving late, as well. If the ambulance is on a call elsewhere, obviously it can't...
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    Iron Hill Challenge Saturday 8/25

    I did this race last year and it was a lot of fun. Most of the Trek East Coast Team showed up, so the pace was super fast. As you guessed, it is a really fast park. A bit like KVSP with some more rocks and slightly longer climbs. Nothing super techy, but some fun G-outs and cool little...
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    Pixy's Birthday Ride

    Happy Birthday Ellen! I'd love to be there but I have a meeting down in FL... Make sure you hit all the sweeeet singletrack!
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    Congrats to Wilderness 101 finishers

    Thanks Pixy! Yeah, Jeremiah ripped it this year, and it was a course record. It would have really been interesting to see what Eatough could have done WITH the help of Jeremiah and others. The course does change slightly from year to year, as it has over the past five years. This was...
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    Weekly Road ride in Denville can ALWAYS wear a camelback...but only you! :) Hope to see some more folks out there next week. The ride is 45-50, and we do it in just under 3 hours. About 4400' of climbing. The ride is very structured with a nice warm-up and cool-down, periods of pace-lines, attacks...
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    Angry alternate world

    You called it, Pixy! We were at least 25 miles away from the cars at the 3:30 mark...and we were pretty sure Ryder X couldn't bend space and time, but you never know... Good ride and I hope to see you and Art real soon! Sean--Fiddler's is WAY steeper than Weldon or Sparta Mountain. I...
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    Renewed love for Mahlon Dickerson

    A group of us put in about 4 hours at MD on Saturday and it was great. The snow made it extra special fun. When I lived in Jefferson (until 1997) I used to ride there almost EVERY time I rode. Over the past years I've only been there a handful of times, and I got to check out all the "new"...
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    Inside or Outside?

    Yeah...saw that crazy long post about winter shoes... I definitely have a narrower/flatter foot which does allow me a little more room in the toe box to wiggle around. I also found they run a bit big, as I run 48 Sidi's, but 47's in the Answers. For socks, if it's normal cold, I use Pedro's...
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    Inside or Outside?

    Right on! Baggies are a bonus! But, as you say, you can't beat winter shoes. I picked up the Answer Kasmirs last season, and they're taken me down into the teens. As Ryan said, if you have the gear, you're good to go. The Pearl am-fib booties are pretty burly, too. I rocked them last...
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    Bike: Titus Racer X Aluminum

    After 12 years of racing and riding on aluminum and more recently steel hard tails, my switch to the Racer-X was awesome last year! I thought initially that I would only use the bike for the longer (50+ miles) races and rougher courses, but I never wanted to get off it. The bike rocks and the...
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    The Hills of Hunterdon County

    I believe this is the same route as the "Lebaon 52" that I picked up on several years ago. It's a great route with one punishing climb after another. They're not long, just steep as anything. Most were over 20% at some point...ouch. Great training and cool roads! If you're into this...
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    TENTATIVE Campmor H2H race series 07

    Make sure you get a good warm-up before simlulating race starts...this can really help you on race day, too. Just try to have fun and you definitely don't need to hammer every time you go out. Long, casual, but steady rides are very important, too. It's a good idea to try to taper your...
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    TENTATIVE Campmor H2H race series 07

    You guys are all going to do great at your first race! You really seem to have an incredible attitude going into it and this will make it that much more fun for you. The races this year will each start with Beginners going off at 9 am and then the other categories going from there. The SS...
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    TENTATIVE Campmor H2H race series 07

    Great to see so much chatter about the series! I've been working with the series for 12 years now (formally the New Jersey State Championship Series) and it's cool to see it back on a definite upswing with attendance and new folks entering the sport. I am with Team Bulldog and the Bulldog...
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    cyclocross race

    You'll have to check the Augusta Cyclocross Series next year. It's promoted by Team Bulldog and Skylands and it's really a blast. The course is great and it really seems like everyone has fun. We run the series through November. The ballpark CX was a blast! Very cool course and a great...
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    Campmor H2H Dinner, Who's goin?

    What a great event last night! All 125 people showed up and it looked like everyone had a good time. We had guest speakers Jeff Mergler from JORBA, Kelli Lusk from NORBA (now called USA Cycling Mountain Bike), Gary L. from Campmor, Ellen White with her national racing stories, and a special...
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    East Coast Riding

    I've done many of the Michaux races, dating all the way back to 1997. They are great races--a real grass-roots feel mixed with a big-time event. The loops are fairly epic. There is more fire-road than All-A-Muchy, but the overall difficulty of the singletrack is higher at Michaux. It's...
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    Cycle Craft - Rt. 206 - Chester

    I've been in there since the "new" folks have been working there (a.k.a. George and Tommy Wheels) and it's been nothing but great. Very knowledgeable on standard and obscure bike stuff, and always up front with time-frames and costs. Give them another chance...
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    East Coast Riding

    I would DEFINITELY recommend the great riding destination of Harrisonburg, VA. It's only about 5 hours form NNJ, and well worth the trip. I've been down there several times over the past 4 years now for training, riding, racing, and taking in the bike culture. I even had the chance to ride...
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    Happy B-Day 2 me ride at Hartshorne

    Happy Birthday, Jess! I can't believe you're finally 29 years old! Hope you had a good ride today!