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  1. BicyclePhD

    Beers for the Night of 12/23

    Stella Artois Carib Anchor Brewing Company Merry Christmass, Happy New Year Serria Nevada Pale Ale Blue Moon Full Moon Pale Moon SA Winter Longtrail Survial Pack (thanks Aaron) Saranic Season Best PBR bottles
  2. BicyclePhD

    My new Frame

    More pics to come as the parts begin to show up for it also i am still looking for a buyer for the Kona(need to pay for this one)
  3. BicyclePhD

    Tonights Beer tasting

    Tonight we will be sampling or a MTB night ride in 29degree temp Saranac Season's Best PBR in Bottles Becks Octoberfest Mad Elf
  4. BicyclePhD

    Light our tree for "Make A Wish Foundation"

    With the pedal power of volunteer cyclists, we'll be lighting up our eight foot Holiday tree in front of our store with all proceeds going to the "Make A Wish Foundation". Our cyclists will produce enough energy to light the entire tree every evening beginning November 28th! So come on down...
  5. BicyclePhD

    Who is at work today

    Who else is stuck at work today hitting the refresh button on the New Post page
  6. BicyclePhD

    Ladies Night @ The Montclair Bikery

    Come learn about bikes and meet others who love to ride! Enjoy the wine and food from 6:00 to 9:00 !! A professional representative from Specialized Bicycles Inc., will present their Designs for Women initiative in a 35 minutes presentation. Call the shop for details 973.744.7252 ask for...