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  1. CommandoStyle

    SOLD Tacx Neo 2 Smart Trainer $1,100

    Purchased December 2019 has approx 50 hours of use on it- in great shape, only some scuffs from mounting the bike. Zwift compatible, built in cadence, and a variety of other features. See tacx website for more info, this is the one that rumbles when you hit the Zwift cobblestone. This is an...
  2. CommandoStyle

    Top Cap Socket FOX 34 Float Step Cast

    I want to play around with adding volume spacers in my new FOX 34 Float w/ the Fit 4 damper. Does anyone know what size top cap socket I need? Thanks.
  3. CommandoStyle

    Frameless Shower Door Removal

    I’m having some work done to the shower. Looking for input on the best way to remove my glass shower door. Should I remove the glass door from the hinge or should I unscrew and remove the hinge and door from the stone surround? I would prefer not to remove the hinge from the stone surround but...
  4. CommandoStyle

    Park City UT in early April

    We are heading to Park City for Easter break to see some of my wife’s family and to get some spring skiing in. I assumed conditions would not be favorable for riding due to the snow. Does anyone have intel on what it would be like during that time of year? Is fat biking possible? If not, where...
  5. CommandoStyle

    Acorn Stairlift $1500

    I know this is a long shot... We used this to transport my mom up and down the stairs. It was purchased from and professionally installed by Acorn, a well known stairlift company. This unit spans two levels and makes a turn at the landing. It is reconfigurable. These stairlifts are great if you...
  6. CommandoStyle

    Thule Evolution 1800 SOLD

    Rooftop cargo carrier. Opens from both sides, works perfectly. Opens and closes easily Easily mounts to rooftop crossbars. Comes with set of 3 keys. 91”x31”x16”
  7. CommandoStyle

    Cannondale Flash 29er Medium SOLD

    $450 Size Medium 2011 Cannondale Flash 29er Upgraded handle bar remote lockout Does not come with pedals pictured but I have Shimano's to go with it I’ll include Stan’s rim strips that are currently not mounted (bike was setup tubeless) Also includes Cannondale in-stem multi-tool Located near...
  8. CommandoStyle

    Free upright piano

    Needs to go ASAP. Must be picked up. All keys work. Prolly needs to be tuned. Middletown. Free piano
  9. CommandoStyle

    Vermont Beer Suggestions (of the IPA variety)

    I'm heading to Kingdom with some friends next week and I'm looking for beer suggestions. What should I try if I see on tap? What will I find in cans that is worthy of the trip home? Beers I currently enjoy: Industrial Arts Wrench, Kane Head High, Carton 077XX, Bolero Snort OVB, Long Trail...
  10. CommandoStyle

    FS: WTB Laser Discs $80

    SS rear hub, taken off Mary with less than 250 miles on them not included Can meet at Hartshorne or Allaire
  11. CommandoStyle

    Squam Lake Holderness, NH

    In a few weeks I will be heading up to Squam lake with some friends and family for a few days and I plan on bringing my bike. I am wondering how the riding is in this area. One of my buddies will be coming for rides with me and he is a novice so I will be looking for something on the not so...
  12. CommandoStyle

    Downloading tracks to a Garmin device

    So i got one of these garmin 605's from costco and managed to get the NJ topo map onto it, I am all set with a garmin connect account and now I would like to download gps tracks of rides other users have posted so I can try to follow their do I do this? :hmmm: thanks CS
  13. CommandoStyle

    Suspension help

    I have decided that I want to get a suspension fork for my 2010 Mary SS...I mostly ride my local trails (Hartshorne and Huber) but plan on doing a few races per season and I want to give my hands and wrists some relief on the longer rides. I want to be able to lockout the suspension and also...