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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    I am skipping today but expect hero dirt tomorrow- minus the low lying ever present puddles
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    ISO a single speed mountain bike- medium hardtail

    I have a SPOT old school 26’er SS frame that I believe fits 27.5 wheels fine. I even have some Fox Vanilla forks that would build a sweet ride. Size Medium. I was a small fit for me at 5’8” my guess it would fit you pretty well. High quality steel frame. Let me know
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    Sixmile for sale?

    Noticing more full face- I thought COVD related but I think people mount go-pro’s for the perspective shot... I dont film as my regular speed will appear as slow-mo on screen...
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    Anyone have a map of the NICA course?

    My son isn’t chomping at the bit to mountain bike with his old man. Built him a kick ass bike but it is proving to be tougher than I thought... We have ridden the orange trail last year- it was okay. I was thinking the NICA race course- is there a map? Or if I go from Jacques Lane I go down...
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    WTB For Kid: Small 26er or 29er Good Parts Spec, Good Condition, Non COVID19 Pricing

    If any one is still in need I have a surly instigator (small) that was used heavily and still has a ton of life left. Set-up with 27.5 wheels, sram 8 speed drive train, and a rs sector 140mm fork. Was thinking 600 but I can be negotiated to $500 if it will bring a smile to kids face
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    WTB: 650b wheelset (Non-boost)

    Still looking? I got Azonic Outlaws you may like
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    DT Swiss Hub QR end caps

    If Tim doesn't have them I think I do
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    White water kayaks- free to a good home (no longer available)

    Hey all boats are spoken for unless anything falls through. Thanks!
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    White water kayaks- free to a good home (no longer available)

    Hi cool it is yours- is 6 mile okay for you as well?
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    White water kayaks- free to a good home (no longer available)

    Let me snap some pictures to make sure it is what you want- are you able to meet up in Central NJ?
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    White water kayaks- free to a good home (no longer available)

    I got a Dagger Redline and a Wave Sport Kinetic that need a good home. Anyone have an interest? I am in Central N J by 6 Mile.
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    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Did Mo-town get enough rain to make Lew Morris a “no-go” for tomorrow? I live ~5 minutes from 6- mile and although it needs the rain baaaad it should be pretty slick tomorrow...
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    Lost : Wahoo Bolt. June 24th. 27 side

    Oh it’s a bolt- Inthought Bolt was the model name
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    Lost : Wahoo Bolt. June 24th. 27 side

    what does it look like? gotta pic? I will keep an eye out for it later today when I ride
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    On bike tool storage

    I got the edc tool but carry it in the pump- I really like it- If you want to check it out send me a message I ride Central NJ mostly. I went full on geek and I got a Topeak cage with a ninja box to carry a tube... okay a tubolito... full... on... geek.
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    Likewise! It was perfect conditions this morning!
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    For anyone wondering the same question- I just pulled into the upper lot of high bridge and it looks bone dry. Post ride if I see any issue with water I will post up- but it looks fine.
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    Did the thunder storms miss high bridge? Rideable tomorrow morning?
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    Sourlands Group Ride Friday 6/19 10am

    I would love to join... Supposed to be going to the beach but hey plans change. Would love to meet you all- I ride solo 99% of the time and I could use all the help I can get at Sourlands...
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    Neshaminy in PA- COVD 19 Open or Closed?

    Awesome- are we okay to park at the school? If not could I get some guidance? I plan on heading over there Friday during the day if the Thursday storms don't pan out. If Thursday rain rolls through I will plan on Sat or Sun morning. Thanks so much!