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    Anyone have a map of the NICA course?

    My son isn’t chomping at the bit to mountain bike with his old man. Built him a kick ass bike but it is proving to be tougher than I thought... We have ridden the orange trail last year- it was okay. I was thinking the NICA race course- is there a map? Or if I go from Jacques Lane I go down...
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    White water kayaks- free to a good home (no longer available)

    I got a Dagger Redline and a Wave Sport Kinetic that need a good home. Anyone have an interest? I am in Central N J by 6 Mile.
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    Neshaminy in PA- COVD 19 Open or Closed?

    Not sure why but I am itching to get a ride in here- probably because it is around the time of the race... Does anyone know if it is accessible? If so how are the conditions? Is it getting chewed up with the storms and without the race maybe not as much tlc as it normally would be getting...
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    Looks like NEMBA Fest 2020 is cancelled

    Saw it on the news section of the KTA website. Shame. Not unexpected given the circumstance but disappointing...
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    Friday October 18th- Rideable?

    Hi All! I am trying to get much needed time off to ride some trails and I have been itching to go to Nassau. Two dumb questions: 1. Hunting- is it permitted in Nassau? If I plan to ride late morning into early afternoon would it be ok? 2. Rain-pocolypse- didn't happen where I live but maybe...
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    Tuning Recommendations for a PIKE

    I use the Rock Shox app and the gauge printed on the side of the fork leg as a starting point for air pressure- my silly question is if the fork came with 2 tokens installed from the factory I assume the air pressure should be reduced accordingly. For every token I was assuming a 5 psi...
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    New Tire Recommendations

    Hey all wondering if I could get some ideas for some tires. Getting a former King hubset built up to get some use out of them before my axles become completely obsolete. Running 27.5’s on Stan’s Flow Rims, tubeless and wanted to land somewhere around 2.5 width. Looking for a tread that won’t...
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    I got humbled!

    On vacation down the shore and not too too far from Hartshorne. Love this place used to ride it a ton when I worked in the area. Man Today I got SPANKED. So out of practice on the root-strewn, step climbs in loose, pebble-strewn sand! I mean baaed dude. Embarrassing. Anyway can’t wait to...