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  1. Rollin Dice

    Used car advice

    I'm in the market for a used SUV and am considering an Audi Q5, '14 or '15. As I recall, there are a few Audi experts on here and hope they chime in. Have driven both, 2.0 and 3.0, prefer the 3.0, any advantage of one over the other? other than the obvious power and economy? Anything I should...
  2. Rollin Dice

    45NRTH Wolvhammer size 43

    Bought Oct 2015 from Halters, less than 10 rides excellent condition with multi release cleats Asking $250
  3. Rollin Dice

    SOLD Thomson Elite

    Srtback seatpost 27.2x330 uncut like new $50
  4. Rollin Dice

    2006 Cannondale Rush Medium

    Great starter or NICA, 26", new Conti Trail King Protection front and rear, otherwise stock $350 or B/O
  5. Rollin Dice

    Dump trailer for sale

    Extreme Road and Trail XRT2-5184 2011. Minimal use like new condition $2350 New Asking $1800
  6. Rollin Dice

    Hydraulic brake upgrade

    I'm looking to upgrade from my BB5's, Shimano SLX looks like a good choice but wondering if anyone has any other suggestions. I've never done this before, is there anything I need to be aware of before buying? they come pre bled and looks like should be a fairly simple job, do I need to...
  7. Rollin Dice

    SOLD 2016 Trek Farley 5

    Totally stock, lees than 100 miles My knees could not handle the wider bottom bracket Medium 17.5 $1400
  8. Rollin Dice

    New to the forum

    Only been riding a few years, started at 51 and lovin it, lots of good info on this forum, hoping to pick some brains on a new ride. Need to replace a Farley I'm going to list for sale. Been riding mostly Nassau some Lewis Morris, Deer Park and Nox